Pregnant nursing student! What do I do?


I just found out yesterday that I am now 11 weeks pregnant. For the last few months I had my menstrual as normal and even went to my GYN for an IUD since I believed I was currently menstruating. My uterus was enlarged and she then sent me for ultrasound where I saw my baby for the first time. All limbs were present, heartbeat strong and my baby was very active. I cried because I instantly fell in love. Only issue is that I am currently in school and graduate this August from the LPN program. I am due in October but not sure when would be a good time to let my instructor know and wondering if it will hinder me from certain clinical exposures as well as hurt my chances to be be employed in one of the facilities I am currently doing rotations in....WHAT DO I DO?

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congratulations! I actually think the timing is great--you will finish up just in time. I think there have been several pregnant women go through my program. You just have to be careful about touching certain meds etc.


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I wanted to let you know that at my school we have several pregnant undergraduate and graduate students. Everyone is really supportive. While some were in labor, they were updating our pediatrics class via text messages. Others are finishing up before their due date and doing well. I wish you the best of luck! Congratulations!

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Tell your instructor right away as potential exposure to illnesses that could effect you or the baby is a factor (VRE for example). Other than that you should be fine in nursing school since you will graduate before October. They can work around the pregnancy.

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I'd tell your instructor right away so you keep away from fetal compromising meds/tx/disease. Other than that you must do all things and be present for all that any other student needs to be. Do not expect or ask for special treatment. In my program, if a pregnant student began having pregnancy issues that necessitated altering the program for that student, they needed to drop from the program. It's only fair. Having said that, we had a couple in my class and they were "all in" and were professional about their pregnancies and were successful in completing the program without ever making it an issue for the rest of us.


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Pregnancy is not a handicap, so I am not really sure what you're worried about. :)

Just let the powers that be know that you are so you are not exposed to chemicals or meds that you shouldn't be.



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Nothing more to say . . . Congratulations, tell your instructor. We had a couple of girls with child in class and it was great! Good Luck

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congratulations, i was also pregnant during my training, i informed my school, could not do my placement in the recovery room in theatre because it's dangerous in early pregnancy, i was moved to somewhere that was safe. completed my year, had my son, went back to complete my course and now am a registered nurse. you can do it, you just need to let the authorities know so you and your baby can be safe. good luck.


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You'll be fine! Just let your instructor know to protect yourself from certain diagnoses. I was pregnant in nursing school, had my baby, continued with classes and studied (and passed) for the NCLEX with a 2 month old. It was a bit tricky at times, but doable! There were actually 11 girls in my class that either gave birth during, or were pregnant during school.


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Thank you all! I will let my instructor know on Monday, I plan on carrying my weight regardless and don't want to use my pregnancy as an excuse to lag behind. Thanks again.

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Tell your instructor right away as potential exposure to illnesses that could effect you or the baby is a factor (VRE for example). Other than that you should be fine in nursing school since you will graduate before October. They can work around the pregnancy.

I am an RN who works surgical oncology and I had my baby 6 months ago. According to the CDC as long as you are using universal precautions/contact precations you are able to care for VRE patients. I cared for:

VRE, C-Diff, MRSA, ESBL patients while I was pregnant and I have a healthy baby. I opted out of caring for those recieving chemotherapy during my pregnancy, even though according to our Oncologists it was fine as long as the chemo was not a teratogenic form- I believe that all chemotherapy is teratogenic. The others I listed are not teratogenic thus I cared for them. However, it is your body and if you feel like caring for patients with these diseases is not appropriate I would tell your instructor. However, I would tell your instructor right away to protect yourself.


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Like others have said, mention it now!

I had my daughter in nursing school. I had her (with an unplanned c-section nonetheless!) and was back in class 4 days later. It was rough, but it can be done! I understand you are planning to be done before the baby is born, but if you are stopping because of other discouraging you, take it from me. My daughter is a well adjusted 18 mo old and I have my degree and a great job!

I will say to be very mindful of getting enough sleep and nutrition while pregnant. This may mean cutting out some social obligations, but not getting enough sleep and cramming the night before a test just leaves you exhausted while pregnant.

Good luck and Congrats! You can do it!!!!:redbeathe:redbeathe:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat