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  1. Well.. I guess I am going to be canned

    It's not like the woman titrated up her propofol and turned down her precedex... If this is what we are nit picking over these days, I need to find a new line of work. Seriously?!
  2. Barcode scanning

    You will develop a flow to things. I'm the bad nurse who would unpackage/draw up, scan, and then give. That way I can get in and get out. If I'm in that room for more than 5 minutes, there better be a very good reason. If you take meds in, scan, then...
  3. Anyone using the NICOM monitors?

    I have used these in an Emergency Dept setting with mixed success. (Negatives) If your patient moves in any way, the machine will result in an error. It requires your patient to be flat (with legs elevated) and completely still. This might be more f...
  4. Ecmo on bleeding adult

    Ha! I know this thread is quite old. However, hilarious!
  5. Talcum Powder

    I found a case study and an article. The case study refers more to this as a lung irritant (in an infant in this case.): http://www.emedmag.com/PDF/043010017.pdf The second study just states it is no longer recommended as a drying agent for skin in ...
  6. Two Year Minimum Contract ICU

    Hello Everyone, I posted this is a state specific forum with no bites but am interested to see what the common practice is. I was offered a position in a General ICU. However, the hiring manager is asking for a two year minimum contract. I am not a...
  7. Duke 2 Year Contract

    First and foremost, let me state I am NOT a new grad. I was just given a job offer from Duke's health system. However, the hiring manager is requiring a 2 year minimum contract. I think this is a bit excessive. I don't have plans to jump ship, howeve...
  8. ER transitioning to ICU

    Oh, and I've been deemed eligible by AACN at this point anyway.
  9. ER transitioning to ICU

    \Laurie52. Just a heads up. (Taken directly from AACN): Who is eligible to sit for the CCRN certification exam?The CCRN exam is for nurses who work at the bedside of acutely and/or critically ill patients in areas such as ICUs, CCUs, respiratory ICUs...
  10. ER transitioning to ICU

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents! I've seen a lot of threads about ER/ED to ICU. I get that it's an entirely different discipline etc... My question to you is, what would you as a nurse manager like to see on the resume of a former ED nurse who like to ...
  11. When to Apply

    Greetings NC! My husband has recently found employment in NC (Raleigh/Durham) area. My main expertise is Emergency Nursing (3 years). I'm looking to go ER/ICU. I won't be moving until the month of June. My question is, when do you think I should be a...
  12. Loss of Confidence

    I've been in the ED now for about 1.5 years. In the recent months, I've experience what I would call as "loss of confidence." I won't say that any particular incident occurred to cause this, rather a grouping of small incidents. I think I'll attribu...
  13. NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    There again, I just wouldn't give it. I'd then take it to my charge rn and up the chain. Playing with orders just to be an ass is a bit unprofessional. I will say we don't have that issue where I work. I'll add that im sorry providers react that way ...
  14. NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    The chief of emergency medicine at my facility said it best when he stated, "In the ED, orders are more like 'suggestions' ." Some of you people are very uptight. In my facility, we NEVER get specified rates for fluids. Many of us initiate fluids pri...
  15. What's with the 2 yr old threads?? Someone bored?

    This! I think I'm more annoyed by the countless number of new threads entitled "How hard is nursing school?"..."Am I cut out for ____ specialty?" ...."Can a new grad get hired into the ICU?" No offense to anyone, but I feel as though I have to "weed"...