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I have two friends that I take classes with...all of us are entering the nursing program this Fall. The three of us are married and are fortunate to be in the position of having spouses where... Read More

  1. by   NurseKatie08
    i worked through nursing school, but not full time. didn't have the choice. i had loans & scholarships which covered most of my BSN (mom and dad offered to pay the balance, so since they did that, i wouldn't have had the audacity to ask them for more money otherwise) i worked full time as a tech in the summers, PRN during the school year, and also had a part time campus job in my dorm during the school year. i agree that working during school teaches time management--i managed 2 jobs, a full courseload plus honors program independent work, and my role as treasurer of two campus groups. still found the occasional time for friends/downtime...and graduated cum laude, so it's do-able. it just depends on how motivated you are and your reasons for needing to work.
    of course, i didn't have kids or a hubby, but everyone's situation is different.
  2. by   serendipity123
    I am working 1 shift a week (4-5 hours) at a super-easy retail job during pre-reqs. I am only 19. So far it has worked out fine. However... I haven't started any of the intense sciences yet. Chem, A&P, Micro, etc. I am starting some of those this Fall, and I am a full-time student. I don't HAVE to work. I currently do because, well, it's fun and I need something to pass my time and a little extra cash never hurt anybody.

    However, if my one measly little shift even starts to be a problem for me while juggling my full load of pre-reqs, I will quit so fast my manager's head will spin. School comes first. Period. I am thinking that it won't be long into the semester when I quit. But who knows.

    And you can bet that when I am in nursing school full-time I won't have a job. Nursing school is basically a full-time job! Most schools don't even allow you to work during the program. People who work while going to NS even part-time have my utmost respect. Honestly, I don't know how they do it. Lots of red bull maybe? I dunno but I refuse to put myself through that.
  3. by   mochabean
    I have rent/bills to pay, so I have no choice but to work. Whatever offers flexible hours would be great.
  4. by   OnTrek
    Just finished nursing school and there is no way I would work during it. I was able to be a straight A student in my Pre-Reqs while carrying 22 credits a term. My nursing school wrapped up all classes (Pathophys, Pharm, Clinicals, Skills lab, etc) all into one 9 credit class and everyone had a tough time keeping up. -- If you don't have to work - don't do it.
  5. by   4lotus8
    I'm still doing prerquesite courses, so I'm not yet in nursing school. But I am one of those in a very fortunate situation that my husband makes enough for the both of us. I still work part-time because I told him from the beginning that I insist in paying off my own debt that I've accumulated before we were married. I know I shouldn't feel guilty because we're married and therefore we share everything, but I can't help but feel guilty still. It's one of the reasons why I study so hard to make those grades because I would feel awful if he's over there working so hard for us and our future, and here I am, making just "good enough" grades. As a result, I've aced every science class so far. I plan on continuing to work part time time (20 hours/week) until I've paid off my debt. Thankfully, I don't have much. I can quit after my first year of nursing school.

    So my answer is that I don't technically have to work, but I do because first of all, I handle it pretty well. Secondly, I want to pay off my debt before I focus 100% on school.
  6. by   penelopelp
    If I could, I definitely wouldn't work during nursing school. I had a friend who was a nursing major, and she was busy every day/all day without having a job. I don't see how I could possibly not work for 2 years.
  7. by   mnbvcxz
    Quote from nurse2b_amy
    no way would i try to work while in the program. it is way too much work to try to juggle and go home and care for the home, husband and my 3 children. i'd die. lol. best of luck to all of you who will do it though, i just couldn't imagine doing it.
    good one!
  8. by   heartnurse2be
    Quote from multicollinearity
    My number one pet peeve in life is people who don't understand those different than themselves!

    Seriously, it ticks me off. When I read someone saying, "I worked full-time in school so you can, of course you can too..." I get all kinds of :angryfire because that may or may not be true for others. (Not directing this at anyone on this thread, btw.)
    Now if I might throw my gripe out there from the other side of the coin - I work 70+ hours per week at 2 jobs, more if available - is this my choice? No, of course not, just part of my life at this point. I will be entering my 2nd year of an ADN program this fall with a GPA of 3.8 (Darn B's in pharm;-p) , with a child and a husband. Also mine is not directed at anyone on this board - on here I have only found supportive people who have helped me tremendously and understand NS like only other NS'ers can but...

    The one thing that really bothers me is people who say it can't be done - or like the above poster who narrows it down a little to it can't be done by everyone. Every other day on this board there are people worried sick because they can't quit working to go to school - much of their anxiety is caused by what they hear from other people about it being 'suicide' or 'impossible'. I really think that's why I'm always so adamant with my responses along with the rest of those who have done it/are doing it right now. Anyone can do it if they want it bad enough and set their minds to it - everything in life is a matter of will.

    I don't begrudge those who work less or not at all. Heck yeah, enjoy it while you can - working as a nurse will be hard enough - Just don't say it can't be done because there are real people out there that you are discouraging from even trying...

    Sorry guys - just had to throw that thought out there.... Don't hate me ;-)
  9. by   ohwerehalfwaythere
    I didnt work during my hardest semester (the one with pharm, pathophys, interventions, and clinicals) but after getting the basics of nursing down i did get a job as a nursing assistant at a hospital and let me tell you, it has helped me tons!!! i find it so much easier now not just with time mgmt, but prioritizing patients care, customer service, logistics of the nursing culture, and the nurses even let me do little things every now and then! If you can work during school as an aid, tech, whatever, i would DEFINITELY recommend it!! p.s. looks great on a resume too
  10. by   Ms. Nurse Assistant
    When I don't work during school my grades shoot up BIG time. I have nothing else to do so I study all day, and have plenty of time to do assignments, reports, etc so I can meet the deadline. I love it. When I am working, I get distracted and forgetful, and often don't do that well at all. It's best that I work as little hours as possible so I can do good in school.
  11. by   autumn_twilight
    I would love to not have to. Unfortunately, my husband's self-esteem is so down from being laid off over a year ago and the few full-time job offers he's received isn't anything close to what he'd like to do (it's all commision work, which is what he did before), so my check is the one that pays the bills (he works part time now, and he loves it) We're both going to school full time, and we've got a 4 year old. I have no idea what we'll do when I have to start nursing classes because they're only offered during the day so I'll have to find another job (or he will). Trying to get one as a PCT but haven't heard anything back yet.
  12. by   Cilantrophobe
    I haven't worked since I got out of the Air Force (3 months pregnant) in April of 2007. I have only taken 2 classes per semester, every semester. I took classes online and was a SAHM up until last April, when we put our son in day care so that I could start the REAL classes (A&P, etc). I fully credit my 4.0 to the fact that I don't work. If you have an option, why would you choose to work if you didn't have to? Except for ohwerehalfwaythere's answer, I can't see a good reason. Especially if you aren't pulling very good grades...
  13. by   back2thebooks
    I am in the same position as you. I (thanks to my dear husband) do not have to work. I have been a SAHM for over 4 years. I personally would not voluntarily work while in nursing school, but that's me.