Why do you want to be a nurse?

  1. And what type of nurse do you want to be?

    I've always wanted to be a nurse. The medical field has always been fascinating to me. I want to help people. I want to take care of people. I want to work in a fast paced enviroment where I am always mentally challenged. What it all boils down to, is that I want to make a difference. I want to be a nurse with every part of my being.

    I've never worked in healthcare and I suppose it's easier to say what kind of nurse you want to be without ever experiencing it. I'm sure I'll change my mind once I'm in school, or once I'm actually in the field.

    I think I'd love the fast paced-crazy enviorment of the ER. I also think I'd like to work in OB/Maternity, however I feel a special pull towards something along the lines of pediatric oncology.

    I can't stop dreaming.
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  3. by   Cammie895
    Dreaming is good...keep it up!

    I want to be a midwife. I'm taking baby steps to get there, but that's what I hope to be eventually. I'd like to work as an Labor & Delivery nurse after I get my ASN.

    I was a teen mom who ended up with a very cruel and judgemental male OB/GYN. I complained about him to a friend one day and she gave me the name of a midwife to go see. I loved her from day one. I have never met such a kind, caring, and non-judgemental person in my life. I knew after just a few visits with her that I wanted to do what she does for people. I hope to work in a clinic someday providing prenatal care for teens and underpriveledged women.
  4. by   peacelovestar
    I want to be a midwife too! It's something I'd like to work towards, after years of being a nurse.
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I had wanted to be a doctor from a little girl. When reality hit, I realized I didn't have the fundings to ever go to school for that long...(no one ever mentioned grants, loans, etc). I was devisated but soon realized that nursing (for me) was a better option. I would have the patient contact that I wanted, would be able to be one of the main care givers etc. I want to be someone who might make difference in someone who;s sick.

    I've always ended up in the medical field in one way or the other. I've been a CNA, Pharmacy Tech, EMT, and currently I am a health claims analyst.

    NICU is where I want to be. I had 2 daughters who spent the first 2 wks of their lives in NICU. And those nurses will forever be remembered by me and my hubby.
  6. by   DreamyEyes
    I've always wanted to be a nurse....I love helping and caring for people, and I can't think of any other job I would love doing. I really want to get into pediatric nursing eventually, because I love kids.
  7. by   HikingNinja
    I have a BA and MS in psychology and want to eventually become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I like the idea of being able to continue working with clients on therapeutic interventions coupled with med management. And also the higher salary is nice:wink2: Right now I am salaried and work like a dog for 60 hours every week. I get calls on my days off. Must attend functions on days off too. I feel like I am always "on" Always working. By no means do I need to be rich to be happy, but $60,000 a year to work a 40 work week sounds great as opposed to my current $40,000 for a 60+ hour week. Plus I think being able to med manage my clients will improve therapy outcomes. I often disagree with MDs, psychiatrists who like to prescribe mutlple med "cocktails" for clients without looking at the ramifications this type of over medication causes.

  8. by   elby812
    Like someone said above, I also wanted to be a doctor when I was growing up but I didn't have the funds or the focus. When I started college I had majored in biology with the intentions of going to medical school but I was just too young and had other priorities. So I kind of went to school off and on, changed my major a bunch of times but never really accomplished anything. So about two and half years ago I found out I was pregnant and realized I needed to get my butt together. I was unmarried, living at home, no degree. So talking with my mom (a LPN for 15 yrs) one night she brought up maybe looking into nursing. At first I kind of looked down on the idea, but the more I thought about it, it just was the perfect thing for me. I was always interested in medical stuff, I had many of the pre-reqs, I love working with people (I worked in hospitality mgmt for 4 yrs), and I needed a degree that I could get quickly and that would provide a good source of income for my family. So thats why I decided to be a nurse. The more I've gotten into it, the more I am just so excited and fascinated. I'll start nursing school in about 2 months.

    The kind of nursing I want to go into is, I think like a cardiac unit or critical care. Something that requires thinking on my feet. I still have to learn more about all the different fields of nursing. I don't think I want to work in ob or peds, just not for me. Or geriactrics. We'll see though, once I get started I may totally change my mind.
  9. by   BlessedMom
    I have always loved learning about medicine. I would watch the surgeries on tv for fun as a kid. Loved it. I later got married after completing two years of school and became a housewife. I suffered through infertility and the loss of a baby before I was blessed with children. Through those times I learned so much about the reproduction system/fertility/loss and knew that was where I needed to be. I also knew I needed to be a mother first. I didn't hear God calling me to go back to school yet. This past year I was in a Bible Study and just felt the call to go. If I never made a penny doing it it would be okay. I want to work in LD but mainly with the mothers postpartum, especially those who have suffered loss, or infertility,new first timers, and what not. I feel so blessed to have an amazing family but also to know that not only am I called to be a mother and wife but to be a nurse. My heart soars when I think about nursing. Its awesome.