Where is everyone working during school? - page 2

i was wondering where you were all working while going to school. i'm working full time and doing pre reqs part time. i am currently doing marketing (going for nursing as "second career") and was... Read More

  1. by   moonbeamsmom
    I'm another one who works in transcription but I am a quality assurance editor. I was a transcriptionist for 10 years and just started doing the editing this year. I like editing, just not transcription!

    It is a great education. The way the industry is going though, I may end up a unit secretary before I'm done with school. :uhoh21:
  2. by   lilmama007
    I'm in the U. S. Marine Corps I will be discharged on Jan 11 2006 after 8 years of honorable service I plan to work evenings for a couple of months and then collect the my G. I. Bill while in the nursing program
  3. by   Paula7
    i'm looking for medical receptionist/office jobs in the area but just can't seem to find any. i think it may be a good idea to work in the industry i want to end up in. we'll see!
  4. by   sunnyjohn
    I am working as a surgical tech and take side work as a stock broker.

    When I start clinical classes in January, I will cut back to part time or PRN as a scrub tech and ICU tech.

    I think it is great to get a tech job if you can to imorove your comfort level.
  5. by   over30nursestudent
    I work 2-3 12hr midnight shifts weekly on a med/surg floor as an aide