When to Apply to Nursing School..?

  1. Hi all...just curious if any of you have applied for fall admission to nursing school and completed/will complete your final prereq(s) during the preceding summer session?

    As of now I have 3 prereqs left--A&P 1, A&P 2, and microbio. I am currently taking A&P 1 and registered for A&P 2 in the spring. I can't take microbio until summer. Nursing school begins once a year during fall semester. Application deadline is February 1.

    I had originally planned on finishing up my last prereq summer 2012 and then applying for fall 2013 admission. I assumed I couldn't apply to nursing school if I wasn't at least currently enrolled in my final prereqs. But maybe that is not true..? Maybe it is possible that I can still apply by Feb. 1 for fall 2012 admission, even though I am not taking microbio until summer..? I need to talk to the nursing advisor soon, so I will ask her...but I am wondering if other schools accept students who will finish prereqs before nursing school starts, but are not currently enrolled in those classes at the time of their application..?

    Hoping there is a chance I can apply to nursing school sooner than I thought..

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   leenak
    Most schools I've talked to will allow you to apply with outstanding pre-reqs. I am applying for fall and I'll be taking AP2 in the summer.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    Many of the schools I looked into would allow you to apply if you were enrolled (whether or not you were actually IN the class at the time) and the course(s) would be completed by the time the semester you were apply for.
  5. by   crittytn
    It's particular to the school. One program I'm looking at doesn't care, you just list what you're currently enrolled in and what you're planning to take. Appropriate grades and completion of prereqs must be done before you walk into class the first day.

    Another school requires you to have all prereqs done, except you can be enrolled in the last two only at the time of application. And then, you have to fill out extra paperwork for a waiver because of it.

    The third school lists 12 prereqs of which 7 must be completed (5 of which are the science and math) by application time.

    So just check with your particular school. I reached out to the schools and got answers from them directly if it wasn't clear on their website.
  6. by   dkmamato3
    As pp's said, most schools will let you apply and accept you with outstanding pre-reqs. As longs as these are completed with satisfactory grades before the start of the program then you are fine.
  7. by   maggiemae1013
    i was accepted before i finished my pre-reqs, and in the letter it just said i had to finish them by august, when the fall semester starts.
  8. by   lifelearningrn
    I think it helps to have them complete- I had to wait out a semester but it's a good breather between crazy pre-reqs and nursing school!
  9. by   Cherry02
    Thanks for the responses everyone! I made an appointment with the nursing advisor, so I will know for sure soon. I might also look into taking microbio at a community college in the spring instead of waiting until summer to take it at my current school (can't take it at my current school in the spring due to scheduling conflicts with A&P 2).

    Although I would love to have a break in between prereqs and nursing school, over a year off is a lot more than I would like!