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  1. crittytn

    RODP pre-req's HELP!

    You don't have to come back to TN to take the proctored tests. You can find a proctor at a community college near you, have it approved by your RODP professor and take it there. However, that method is not free like when you take them at your home college. But it may be cheaper than traveling back to TN.
  2. crittytn

    Now what? Divorce after starting school.

    I just wanted to provide support. I don't really have any advice beyond what the others have posted. I went through my divorce this past year and will start nursing school in January! It's been quite a year and, yes, studying did help focus my frustration. But after this year, I feel like I'm ready for anything and I am SO, SO happy to be rid of him (well, mostly, we have kids together, so still have to deal somewhat). He would never have been supportive of me doing this and, in fact, did everything in the divorce proceedings to sabotage it and make his displeasure known. The juvenile part of me sticks my tongue out at him every time I think of him doing that and me getting into a program already. LOL Call around to the schools, meet with their advisors and develop your plan of attack. I personally think angling for your BSN is the way to go, but in order to get into school and get working, I would consider the associate programs too. My original plan was to apply to an accelerated BSN an hour-and-a-half away (a 12-month program), the BSN program near me (5 semesters) and the associates' program near me. I figured that was three chances I would have to get started in a program and be moving forward. I lucked out in that the BSN near me opened up a few spots for spring and I managed to get one. But I met with the advisor there and pushed through a lot of hurdles. It paid off! So, just hang in there, be pushy, gather all the information you can and make plans based on that. I wish you the best. It's a rough process, but once you're on the other side of it, all will be well. I'm glad you're with your family and have support there in Texas. I moved to be with my mom and I can tell you that truly having support from family is priceless.
  3. crittytn

    Accepted into program...needing advice.

    I would take the sure bet now. It's a definite three years and you're done. It just seems the more simple route to me. I think since you and your husband are so worried about the effect on your marriage that you'll be just fine. You're already communicating, seem aware of the possible issues and, as long as you both continue to talk about things as they come and make sure to carve out time together, you'll weather it fine. I think it would be more concerning if you both thought everything would be hunky dory, don't need to talk about it, nothing to worry about here. But since you're both on board with the plans and you're both talking already about the difficulties and how to overcome them, that puts you ahead of the game. Congratulations and good luck!!!!
  4. Excited and nervous!! Starting BSN program in January, total redirection of my life. Nail-biting!!!!
  5. I'll join the never-too-late train. I'm 35, start nursing program in January. I'll be 37 when I finish my BSN. I don't know the makeup of ages in my class yet, but I'm sure I won't be the only non-traditional student there.
  6. crittytn

    So confused, what to do!!!

    I'm sorry you're having a hard time, sweetie. I know it's frustrating to not be able to complete something you've worked for. Have you actually been into these schools to talk to the admissions counselor? They can often provide insight to options you may not have thought of. It sounds like you've applied to two schools twice. Are there more schools you haven't submitted applications to that could be options? I think you just need to examine all of your options in your life. I don't know the details of your situation, so only you can do that sort of introspection. Don't just give up, though! Research, research, research and then plan based off of what you find out. I wish you the best of luck.
  7. crittytn

    Spring 2013 Nursing Students!!!! Who's In????

    Who's in? I'm in! Where are you attending? A BSN program in TN. I already have other degrees, so I'm going directly into the nursing classes. What are you most excited for? To get started!! I hate waiting! What are you most scared about? Scheduling--I have 3 kids. And I'm scared about the clinical part, since I have no experience. Studying and those types of things are things I'm good at. But gaining skills and not looking like an idiot are my unproven areas. What planning do you need to do? Oh, boy, a list a mile long. I have some vaccination issues to clear up (I'm older, so my records aren't as clear as they'd like). That's my most stress causing thing right now. Also, need to visit financial aid office to talk about the award they're offering. It's based on my married salary, which is drastically different than my divorced salary! Get my schedule made, attend orientation, then can start working on my childcare to fill in the gaps. But all the headache is worth it!!!
  8. crittytn

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

  9. crittytn

    Any 2015 grads?

    Oh, me, me!!! I'll start January 2013 and graduate May 2015 with my BSN. So excited, but so bogged down with a mile long to-do list before I start!
  10. crittytn

    Single mom of 3, disorganized, discouraged & stressed

    I think where we go wrong is feeling guilty about working or going to school. Of course, it's great to keep your kids in mind as you plan and to give them attention and all of those things. But I think ultimately it's important to remember that you're also teaching your kids a valuable lesson by prioritizing your school work, by requiring some extra responsibility and indepedence on their parts and demonstrating how to ask for assistance when it's needed. I was raised by a single mom with an extremely busy and important career. I would not change a thing and I feel I owe her for demonstrating commitment to her work and not making me feel like the world revolved around me (well, all the time--I was still quite spoiled really). I am now a single mom to three kids myself (10, 8 and 6). I've been taking my prerequisites and just got accepted to a BSN program to start in January. I've made it clear to my kids that there are times I have to study (or work) and that they must entertain themselves. We have a pretty rigid routine for mornings and evenings and bedtime is nonnegotiable (except on weekends--a little later). They are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, gathering up their laundry, cleaning the family room and other things that need to be done when I ask them. And like others have said, some days dinner is something super easy and sometimes the dishes or laundry isn't done and the house is a disaster zone. For me, I keep a calendar, usually a month in advance of what is due and what is going on with school and life. I focus solely on school, work and the kids. Not much social life, but I find the tunnel vision helps keep me on track. The best calendar I've used is one of those really big ones with the tear-off pages, because it's large enough to be in my way, so I can't ignore it, and I can fit everything on it. It's all a means unto an end. You can do it!!! And your kids will be all the better for your focus and your willingness to do as well as you can with school and furthering your career.
  11. Congrats to you!!! I'm another one that got an acceptance for Spring 2013 and that owe my success and sanity to AllNurses!!!!
  12. crittytn

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    Congrats to the others that have found out they're accepted! And good luck to those still waiting! Thank you all for my congratulations. I got accepted into a BSN program here in TN that only opened up a few spots for Spring acceptance. They usually only have applications for Fall, but luckily opened up these few spots, so I will not have any lag between finishing prereqs and starting the nursing program!! Happy dance!!!
  13. crittytn

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    Got my acceptance letter!!! I will start in January!!! Thank you to allnurses.com for all the information and assistance!
  14. crittytn

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    Congrats to those that have their acceptance letters!!!
  15. crittytn

    Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else?

    I just submitted my application a few hours ago and I already want to run out to the mailbox to check and see if I am accepted. It actually says something about finding out via email, but checking email isn't nearly as exciting as checking the mail. The program I applied for is a BSN that doesn't usually do Spring applications, but had a few spots open up and opened up the application process. It'd be a lot nicer to go ahead and get started in January, so fingers crossed!
  16. crittytn

    Relocating to Chattanooga

    If you go to their websites, you'll be able to easily see the requirements. It may be as simple as having a TN driver's license and renting or buying a place in TN to get the in-state tuition. I've always been a resident of TN (even though I've moved around), so it was an easy matter for me and I can't remember the specifics. I personally would not live in GA and commute into TN. But perhaps I'm biased! I go over the GA line to go to Lake Winnie and to Costco.