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  1. 2.0 Science gpa (anat, physio and micro) but 3.3 gpa overall

    I don't know of any schools that look at only your overall GPA - most, if not all, nursing schools pretty much only look at your science or pre-req classes GPA. and most require you to have at least a 3.0 in those. the school I went to actually requi...
  2. Anyone worked on a reservation before?

    i am a nurse & live and work on the rez and i can tell you right now i've seen so many people come and go it's just ridiculous. it's straight up culture shock for white people who know nothing about the culture and area. and white kids in a rez s...
  3. When to Apply to Nursing School..?

    i was accepted before i finished my pre-reqs, and in the letter it just said i had to finish them by august, when the fall semester starts.
  4. i'm being serious. so you're an educator, but to who? cna students? are you trying to figure out how to make a clinical exam? like iteachob says, use one of those teaching stethoscopes. otherwise you won't know if they're getting them right.
  5. i can't even understand this. you're an educator? what kind of students do you have? i don't understand the question - if you are testing students on vital signs then obviously you just need to make sure they are doing them correctly.
  6. Trying not to be a whiner.... but

    welcome to the real world lol.. might as well get used to it.. and good luck. my a&p final was 250 questions, plus another fifty or so from the lab portion. it'll get you ready for nursing school that's for sure.
  7. Human Biology before Anatomy?

    why would you trust a site like ''? that's like doing serious research on wikipedia. hahaha
  8. Daylight Savings & Documentation

    i live in arizona and we dont time change so it's never been an issue for us.
  9. ? about resident throwing self OOB

    15 minute watch, scoop mattress on the bed, bed in low position, mattress on floor next to bed, and document everything.
  10. LVN scope of practice - IV removal without having my IV cert.

    I don't understand, didn't you guys learn IVs in LVN school?? We did, we inserted, d/c'd them, and hooked up IV meds - the only thing we couldn't do as LVNs was push any BP meds. At the hospital I first worked at LVNs didnt even have to bother d/c-in...
  11. Hospital or LTC

    well you've already accepted the job, so what's the issue? sounds like you already made a decision. do what YOU want to do, not what other people want to do.
  12. What to do?

    back in my day we got three days of orientation and we were grateful! you guys seem to have it easy these days.
  13. you moved without having a job lined up first? and what does having been a valedictorian have to do with anything? LOL
  14. What does "s/t" mean?

    when we use S/T it always means skin tear. never seen it used as meaning 'secondary to'.
  15. Dosage Calculation Policies

    dude you have it so easy, then. in my program we had to get 100% or else we were out. and i agree with u of a person up there - i personally would NOT want a nurse that couldn't even get above 80% on dosage calculations. you have peoples lives in you...