What's your status?

  1. What's the scoop? What's going on with you right now?
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  3. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    I'm currently sitting at work with a huge knot in my stomach because I'm scared to death my letter might arrive today. It should be here anyday - and the thought of ACTUALLY finding out just makes me all woooozy.:lol_hitti

    I'm very excited - and ready to find out!

    Congrats to you on getting into your top choice!!!:smiley_aa
  4. by   Jilaweez
    I am chillin'. I just started spring break...and I would like to get a start on an 8-10pg humanities paper and a 2page micro paper, fun, fun, fun. I am still waiting on that second letter and starting to get antsy. I am about to start researching on a humanities topic, I dislike writing papers very much. My babies are down for a nap and when they wake up I am going to take a class at the gym and then take them swimming.

    What's up with you?
  5. by   shippoRN
    no phone call
  6. by   chococroissant
    In panic mode.

    But, im trying to be more involved with my actual life... such as, studying for classes that I currently have.
  7. by   muffie
    i'm in my jammies, surfing...
  8. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from GottaGetIn
    What's the scoop? What's going on with you right now?
    I am in the " I am taking things one minute at a time" mode, hopefully by tomorrow morning I can upgrade it back to "one day at a time"
  9. by   justme1972
    I'm working on a massive nursing math homework assignment and two chemistry exams...and I'm a nervous wreck...I have to nail two more exams and then I can sit back and relax.
  10. by   CT Pixie
    You ask, whats doin..hu. Well, I just ended my 2nd week of LPN school and let me tell you when people (nurses) told me "nursing school ain't no joke" they weren't kidding! I've been in school 2 full weeks and yesterday just took my 5th test! I have 2 more, on Monday and Tuesday! I eat and sleep the subjects. And ya know what?! I love every single second, I've been dreaming of this for so long that like some warped bookworm, I love all the studying, homework, reading etc! I must live for stress. I go to school full time, work 30 hrs a week, have a hubby and 2 dtrs (14 & 5).

    I am doing quite well and I am very proud of myself. I have a 96 average in Nursing Fundamentals, a 98 average in Medical Term. (We need at least a 70 to pass the classes).

    But as for whats doing..right now I have my nursing fund notes sitting on my lap (its 7am) and I am yet again reading them over for the test on Tuesday!

    Best of luck to all you still waiting. Soon you will begin one of the bumpiest, happies, most trying journies of your life. And at the end of that roller coaster ride..in the horizon I see LPN in the sky!