What is the hardest course you have ever taken and why?

  1. Hi I am a new pre nursing student in my 1st semester. I was woundering what everyone's hardest subject has been. I am taking Political Science, Humanities, Algebra and Psychology and My hardest seems to be Psychology. There seems to be sooo much info to take in. Let me know what your are an why...This will help me be prepared in the future. Thanks
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  3. by   cubanrob
    Ap2 and organic Chem. A lot of why is something happening, not what is happening.
  4. by   whattodo4
    right now it is AP1, not micro which surprised me quite a bit. Its just with AP there are so many little details and if you did not read that one sentence, if you read the chapter the paragraph, but skipped/skimmed over that one minor detail-BOOM that question is on the test and you are boned.

    There is so much to cover and so much they can ask, study and study and still it never, never feels like you have studied enough.
  5. by   rubato
    I have to agree with OP, psychology. I loved A & P, chem, micro, and all my math classes. I also am loving Social Problems, Ethics, and Comp 1 and 2. Psychology is a foreign language to me. It makes sense, but there are so many options that sound the same. I'm fearful that this doesn't bode well for me in the nursing field, but maybe I'll eventually learn it. I've got human development next semester along with my first semester of NS, and am hoping that psychology is more sensible to me.
  6. by   bigboi
    I would have to say philosophy for me. The lecture is actually easy, but the class is set up for the students to write a paper about what we've read before the lecture of that particular philosopher. Sometime the reading is difficult to comprehend without the lecture. Its not too bad though. I'm a science nerd so A&P, Micro and Chemistry were actually easy for me.
  7. by   Cherry02
    Definitely A&P 2. A&P 1 is a close second. I love science, but I've never been so stressed out from a class before. Actually, I would say A&P makes every other class I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot, due to changing my major several times when I was younger) look pretty easy in comparison.
  8. by   SunshineDaisy
    Probably AP 2!
  9. by   Tricia76
    Mine is any math lol..I am not good at math at all..I am good at Psychology.
  10. by   Sarah812
    Psychology. Only for the fact that there is a lot to take in. There are a lot of concepts and definitions. Although, it must not be that hard as it is my highest scoring class. Once you take the book stuff and apply it to life, it gets easier.
  11. by   MRN717
    1A. Physiological Chemistry(due in part to professor)
    1B. A&P II(due to difficulty)
    ...A&P I was extrememly time consuming due to vast memorization as well.
  12. by   Nursing0929
    Well I am in my fourth semester of pre-reqs and I have taken, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, English, Math 20 ( Basic Math) Reading 100. I am now taking Math 40 ( Introduction to Algebra) and Biology 100 ( Cell Biology). I thought all my other classes were so easy, but this Biology class is kicking my but! I just took my first exame Tuesday ( I am in an 8 week class) and I failed miserably! I got 38% out of 100%! I was in tears! The metric system conversions were so hard for me to understand. My teacher pulled me and the other 4 students who failed the test after class and told us that if we did bring up our grad on our next test, that he would drop us from the class instead of letting us end the class with an F. I am so frustrated, and am praying that I do better next week.
  13. by   nguyency77
    I would say Introduction to Biology for Health Majors. My professor had very high expectations, and that was probably the most difficult time I ever had trying to keep an A! I made it, but unfortunately less than a dozen people got A's and the majority earned D's and F's. Her tests were very tricky-- I had to throw that rule about second-guessing out the window because I would think I had an answer, read over it, and then realized I wasn't even answering what she was asking!

    But I've gotta say... That really strengthened my working knowledge of biological processes. I guess that's why I'm not struggling with Microbiology or A&P.
  14. by   MyMystudentRN
    i gotta go with my psych and sociology classes i dont know if it was me or the teacher (these teachers were sooooo boring) i never wrapped my head around what the teacher was saying in class i passed both classes with a C i dont know why but i absolutely loved my Anatomy, physiology, biology, microbiology and even my chemistry classes but i couldnt stand cultural anthropolgy (anthr 101 was pretty good though got an A in that class) , sociology or psychology i guess you can call me a science head