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hi everyone, i will be taking; chemistry060 (pre) anatomy001 (pre) psychology041 (pre) philosophy001 (core) after fall, i only have micro, physio and speech left, and i am done with both... Read More

  1. by   monkeykiss
    Thanks guys for all the info about nutrition class; now I am definitely going to take it while waiting to get into the program.
  2. by   kristi1111
    At this point in time, because I work two jobs I am only taking A&P I with lab. However, I am registered for Microbiology with lab also because I have some concerns that I may possibly be laid off from one of my jobs and in that case, want to be able to take more classes if that happens (although I hope that it does not.) I cannot register for anything else because these two classes as well as A&P II w/lab and Science of Nutrition are the only other classes I can take without being in an actual nursing program.
  3. by   ChervRN
    I like to hear what people are taking~lets me know I'm right on track.

    I am starting my pre-reqs with English, psych, and math this summer....and then
    This fall I'm taking psych2, Biology, and sociology (cultural diversity)....
    I was going to take Chemistry along with Bio, but thought that may be a bit much...so I'm taking it in the spring
    (with A & P)
    yesss...I have a long way to go

    a friend of mine who is (43)...thinks I'm taking on a "heavy load". I don't think so at all! (I don't work)
    and anyways... I am looking forward to the challenge!!
  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    flutterbye67 - if YOU think you can do it, then you can do it. I started my pre-reqs with Bio and English and it was so light for me, I was going crazy. I took AP1, Chem and Nutrition this spring, it was OK...but too long of a semester. This summer I'm doing Micro, AP2 and Psych. Should be OK because it is a 10 week session and not too long. Its the length that gets me, not the workload. This fall I'm taking Algebra, Stats, English 2, Human Growth & Dev and Patho (if I can get the funds for the last one). THAT is going to be a tough semester..but I purposely took it in a full 16 weeks to give myself lots of time.

    I'm blessed in that I don't work outside the home either, but I do home school my two children. If you think you can do it, then go for it! I built up so I know now what will work for me, and you will to. I figure NS is going to be a heavy workload so I might as well work on my time management skills now, lol.

    Good Luck!!
  5. by   gr8txrn2b
    I will be taking: A&P 1, Chem, Dosage, Algebra, and I will take Developmental Psychology online since I'll be taking two labs it will cut some of my actual on campus time. I love online courses!!! The college I'm attending here in Dallas does not require Nutrition but I might take it anyway from what I've read from other posts it might be helpful
  6. by   Definingmyfuture
    I am taking general chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology I, Algebra, and life span development(also thinking about taking SOC 210 but i think with the other classes that would be pushing it because I want to keep my GPA up)the chem and the algebra are all that's left of my pre-req's but the otehr classes will help with ranking points.
  7. by   nikki.p
    This Fall I am taking Adult Nursing 232 and 233 ( 240 clinical hours) and a math. I think intermediate Algebra. I hate math sooooo bad! (that's the math book)
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  8. by   3rdgenRN2B
    I'm just taking A & P 1...

    Plus being a wife/mommy..

    Plus working full time...
  9. by   SwtSangria
    If I don't get into nursing school this coming fall..I will be taking classes to fulfill my minor in psychology and/or re-doing any pre-reqs (I wish getting B's were good enough...apparently NOT). Hang in there everyone!
  10. by   ElephantWoman
    I'll be taking:
    A&PII- Bio 206
    Lifespan Development- Psych 105
    Principles of Chemistry- Chem 105
    Intro to the Study of Literature- Eng 102
  11. by   ser2011
    I just finished with all my pre-reqs, so I am taking Pathophysiology in the Fall before I (hopefully) start nursing school.
  12. by   Calinurse4
    I'm just taking physio...then I'll be done with all my pre-reqs
  13. by   FxAngel
    Quote from 3rdgenRN2B
    I'm just taking A & P 1...

    Plus being a wife/mommy..

    Plus working full time...

    Wife/mommy is the best hardest job of all. I am taking A&P I, Eng Comp, Math, Psych 101!

    Jenn Kristin