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I'm selling my house, all of my furniture, quit my job, moving out of a state where I have lived for 11 years, and moving as an adult with a baby back in with my Dad who is my sole supporter. ... Read More

  1. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from timinchrist
    I have chosen to remain single and stay out any kind of relationship until I finish the nursing program.
    That is AWESOME advice.
  2. by   mnj0105
    I also left a very high paying career to go to school. We, as a family, are sacrificing alot of extras...but we are in this as a team. The kids are very excited that mommy is in school too, and we can moan about homework together. I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end...but being poor really does suck....
  3. by   earthlynurse2be
    Well, I am a SAHM so since I am in school my youngest who's not school age will be going to daycare, a clean house, getting a job (that I can't seem to find) being that I already have a bachelors, time with my kids and my hubby b/c studying is taking a lot of time these days, but it will be all worth it once I am finished and I (as well as my family) will be much happier and better off financially.
  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    I'm sacrficing my state of mind lol
  5. by   Logos
    SLEEP! Not much time to sleep, the only time I have to study is in the wee hours after the kids are in bed. Work all day, class at night, study when I get home from my night class.
  6. by   smk1
    Hmmm, time and energy are the big things, money too, but as we have been a single income household since my daughter was born, any money I make as an RN will seem like extra, so i don't anticipate a hard time paying off my 12k in loans within a year.
  7. by   jyoung1950
    I work, sleep and go to school.

    I'm really not having to sacrifice anything. I outgrew the weekend partying years ago. I have no children. I am not married and not involved with anyone. I have a cat. I don't make a whole lot at my current job so I can't go on shopping sprees anyways.

    That's just how my life is; yours may be different.
  8. by   Asherah
    While I'm not exactly in my program yet, about a year I started preparing financially by cutting back my lifestyle, paying off outstanding debt, and selling my car to get a more reliable and affordable one (that will get me to and from UCLA with a 80 mile commute round trip, everyday).

    I'm attempting to acclimate to the "financially strapped grad student" mentality before I'm really forced to.

    Eh, and then there is the time spent away from the b/f, but he's finishing up his undergrad in Music Composition, so he doesn't have much time anyway.
  9. by   DesertRain
    I quit my job. Last year my grades were suffering, this time my wallet's suffering. I know that it will be all worth it in the end. Other than that I am sacrificing time with my children and the money I used to have to do non-essential things.
  10. by   manofbess
    Now that I think about it, I haven't sacrificed that much. I don't have kids and I'm not married (although I have a significant other). I did resign from my job and I moved out of my apartment. Financially, times have gotten rough and this time a year ago, I never would've imagined myself being as broke as I was in college. But this is where I am. It'll all be worth it in about 2 years. Best of luck to everyone!
  11. by   EthnicBeauty
    Wow in comparison to everyone else I guess not much! Honestly? I'm at rock bottom, I am a recent divorcee at 23 yrs old and a single mother or a two year old. There is nowhere for me to go but up. I thank God that my marriage ended while I'm still young enough to go back to school and not miss a beat. I've seen some older women in my situation (divorced after being a stay at home mom) but they have been married for over 5, 10, sometimes 15 years and my heart goes out to them. I can't imagine having to pick up all those pieces I feel so broken after just three years.

    So not giving up much, but I'm gaining a the world!!
  12. by   pikey
    Im still in Pre-rec's. Have a 6 month son with a marrige of two years. She has a degree other people envy. I work full time so she can be a stay at home mother until our son is at least over 1. we want to home school. she is a star athlete and i am starting my boxing career....so honestly what i feel i am sacrificing is only super human powers, sleep, and the time to collect stamps?!? Thank you for asking that, sometimes maybe we all just need a reminder how much we are gaining...and giving?
  13. by   JoJo_Ga_Girl
    I am going to be sacrifcing what may be 2 of the last few years my husband has left to be with us but he insists I follow my dream now so I am able to support our children when he's gone.
    I am going to sacrifice knowing where my children (7 and 4) are and what they are doing during the day. After being a stay at home mom since my first was born, I've taken for granted knowing their every step.
    I live an hour away from Emory University so I will be sacrificing my blood pressure, sanity and usually lady-like language skills while battling Atlanta traffic to and from school everyday.
    But look at the positive side...not only will I be achievinig a dream I have had for years, I won't have to cook dinner, clean the house or do laundry for TWO WHOLE YEARS!
    Good luck everyone!!