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  1. I am taking my TEAS test on March 3, and I am nervous as I been out of school for a short while. I been cracking down and studying with the book, but my question is this in the math section do they give you a problem and want you to solve it or do they give you a scenaro where as you need to figure out the problem and solve it (more like a paragraph with words)? I am nervous because I have hard time sometimes figuring out how to make the problem from the paragraphs, but if I were given the problem I can answer it. Also what is the NET test that I see so many of you talking about? I wasn't told about that test.

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    have you done a search on here .. there is so much info on this subject. i took the teas test a couple weeks ago and it is nothing but basic ...basic math. know your fractions and converting back and forth from decimals to %.. things like that. there are some very simple algebra questions on there.....the hardest thing for me was the darn science section and i have had all my sciences and i am a nurse....

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    Goodness, I only took it last month and it's still hard to remember exactly. Metric conversions, I bombed on, so study those. There were some word-type problems but not the really hard ones like the ones in the study guide. I had been really working on the percentage type word problems and there weren't any of those on the exam - like if something was marked up 20% and the final price was X, how much was it originally . . . also the ones I had a hard time with that WEREN'T on the exam were the three people working on one thing at different rates, and how long would it take them to do it together . . . HATE those and they weren't on the TEAS.

    HTH, good luck!

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    What kind of metric conversions where on the test? Im awaiting the study manuel that I ordered. . .
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    Hi everyone! Im taking my TEAS test on Friday and I was pretty confidant about not needing the study guide but the closer the date comes the more nevous I get. I was wondering is there anyone here from the Philadelphia area thats willing to sell me their study guide, because it is too late for me to order it online.
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    Know the metric conversions for example know how to convert milli to centi. I think they give you the conversion factors between metric and US but you have to know how to set up the equation and get the right answer in the right unit of measurement. Also you want to know how to set up proportion problems. if 5/24=x/17 (and you cross multiple to solve.) I took the teas twice and on both tests there were questions on how many cups/quarts/pints/gallons. For example how many cups are in a 1/2 gallon. The main thing is time. You want to solve as quickly as possible on the math section and back solve when possible. If you are stumped and spend more than 1 or 2 minutes on a problem skip it and go back to it. At the end if you still cannot figure it out. Guess. There is a lot of multiplying. If you have a price list and there are two of these items and 3 of these what do they add up to. I don't recall there were any super hard word problems.
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    I took the TEAS last Friday and scored pretty high even though I hadn't studied. I just wanted to get an idea of what it is like. Like others I messed up on conversions and the math section was definately my lowest. I am taking it again in a month and hope to get a composite score of at least 95. At least now i know what I need to work on.
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    I need to get atleast within the 60th percentile. Which what does this mean? Atleast a D average? Seems kind of low to me~!
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    I *think* 50% is average.....
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    Is anyone selling there Teas book from philly?
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    Oh jeez... I need to definitely memorize the conversion charts.. I get the metric conversions.. sometimes I confuse where to put the decimal to convert it... but the qts and gallons I can never remember. I'm definitely going to get the study guide. Is there one that is better to use?