Taking A&P 1 and Intro to Chem together?

  1. I never got to take high school chem before and the pre req for taking gen chem is to have high school chem or intro to chem. I will be a freshman in college next year and would it be smart to take:Intro to Statistics, Intro to Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology 1
    all together my freshmen year first semester?
    or should I take one intro another time? And is it wise that I'm taking A&P1 freshmen year?
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  3. by   Ciethekid
    I would check with you school first to see if it's even possible to take them both at the same time.. one might be a pre-req for the other. That is a pretty heavy course load that you'd have there if you could take them all together. I would try spacing them apart.. especially since A&P is such an intense course. Just a friendly suggestion of course. =)
  4. by   xoxcookieninja
    Hi, Im currently doing pre-reqs for nursing and a freshman in college. I'm taking A&P 2 fast track (got out of A&P 1, 2 weeks ago) general chemistry, college alg, and general psych. On top of that I'm in the honors college. I think its possible if your mind is into it.
  5. by   kbrn2002
    Talk to your academic advisor to find out what the prefered order of courses is. Depending on the school it might even be required to have your advisor sign off on your proposed semester schedule before registration.
  6. by   rob95
    My friend is doing the same thing and I think she's handling it somewhat well. But, I personally would advise against it only because the sciences also have labs which is almost like a second class. You have to pass the labs and the lectures. So basically you'll be taking 5 classes and that can be overwhelming. I'm only taking A&P I right now and I literally study every single day to get a decent grade, its a very tough subject. But I would take Chemistry and Math first, and then A&P the following Semester.
  7. by   jadanicole20
    It is definitely possible. I did it. It is all about time management and setting your mind to it.
  8. by   Apple-Core
    I did exactly that, and it was a nightmare but I passed. It depends on you rather that the actual classes themselves.
    If you can manage your time and study hard, you'll be good. If you procrastinate and don't study, then I wouldn't suggest taking these classes at the same time.
  9. by   wannabeny
    It's doable. You'll need some time management and organization to stay on top of all of your assignments, but possible. That isn't a crazy tough schedule.
  10. by   meginnurse
    Have you taken biology in high school? Yes it's doable but if the answer is 'no' I wouldn't advise that course load. Heavy and intense and, since it's your freshman year, get adjusted to college life and how it works with your personal life before diving in that deep. Best of luck!
  11. by   driver461
    I would just be careful on the labs overlapping. I am currently taking Anatomy & Physiology II and Microbio together along with some 300 level classes. Last semester I knocked A&P I, gen chem, and intro to stats in one semester. I cant speak for you I would only recomend feeling the classes out as best you can early on and staying on top of all test and labs as they come down the pipe. Best of luck!
  12. by   nflores78
    I'm currently taking intro to chem and AP1. Both
    high Bs hoping for As end of semester. I never took chem before either but am a Psych BS graduate. It took some getting used to and alot of studying. Then again im not taking any other classes. Good luck to you.
  13. by   PANYNP
    COB nursing professor here.

    Is it possible to take Stats at a community college this summer and transfer it into your program? Before you commit to doing this though, be 100% sure that your school will accept it as transfer credit.

    Agree with other posters that all three courses taken together would be doable, but it might not be pretty, particularly with 2 labs, and one additional course to bring you to FT status.

    Best of luck; welcome to the profession!
  14. by   ohna
    It depends on your ability to think, learn, and memorize which include how much time you have in your hands and organization skills. I wouldn't take them in the same semester for the sake of my grades. Lab class alone is 3 hours per week. If you don't mind hustle and bustle, it's doable.
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