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  1. Today's a bittersweet feeling because I've made up my mind that I do not want to continue on in the Nursing Program. I just completed my first week of classes and I've realized that I don't have the energy or the passion for the profession like I thought I did. My classmates were wonderful and my professor was actually nice and easygoing. Even with all of the endless opportunities that nursing has to offer, I just can't see myself going through with any of it. I've lost complete interest in the whole idea of Nursing. I have a new respect for nurses like I've never had before, to go through the schooling, you really have to have a passion to be a nurse and be dedicated. I have neither and I will be going into the IT field after taking a break for this semester. I kind of had to make faster decision because of the tight rope I have with financial aid and I wanted to drop everything now so it wouldn't be negatively affected. With this time off, I've decided to get help for my anxiety and just relax. Good luck to the new and existing Nursing students (especially in Ohio ) I'm routing for you guys!! I want to thank all of the people who've answered my questions on this site and who've given me so much support. Its greatly appreciated, you guys have made this process so much easier! God Bless, Rob
  2. guest517

    BSN or Associates Degree

    You literally just listed my career goals lol! I know I would love being a case manager and my dream job is to be a travel nurse :)
  3. guest517

    Quitting Nursing school before it even begins?

    Yeah when I was teenager but I honestly don't want to go back on Medication.
  4. guest517

    BSN or Associates Degree

    I'm in Tri-C's Nursing Program as well!! :) I feel like if you live in Cleveland, or the Northeast Ohio region, you'll be just fine with an Associates degree. You really only need your BSN if you plan to work in a big hospital which NOT all nurses wish to do. I have friends who've graduated from Tri-C and work for Cleveland Clinic and University hospitals and they say that a condition of them accepting the job is that within 5 years from their start date they must attain a BSN (which the employer also helps pay for). I also have friends who work in smaller nursing homes, or smaller physician offices who only have an Associates and have been working as a nurse for 5+ years. So in a nutshell, even though the trend in the future Nursing career will prefer a BSN over an ADN, it really all comes down your location, and your desired career setting.
  5. guest517

    Quitting Nursing school before it even begins?

    Thank you! I definitely will get some professional help with my anxiety.
  6. guest517

    What are new grad programs?

    They have those sort of programs at the hospital in our town. They're for students who recently graduated from Nursing School. I'm not sure on the specifics but I had a friend do one and its basically a pathway to gaining employment as a RN in the same hospital. Most big hospitals want experienced Nurses or BSNs now and this is a great way for a new grad to gain experience and employment
  7. It takes an arm and a leg to even be accepted into Nursing school but I managed through all of the requirements and pre-reqs but I've always suffered with sever anxiety and now that school is about to start, I'm seriously considering dropping all of these classes and considering a different major. Just looking over the syllabus and required readings for my classes nearly gave me a panic attack. I've read about how stressful it can be for some and how others didn't have as much trouble with it. It would suck because I've spent so much time and MONEY towards getting here in the first place but I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend anymore of either for the purpose of being a Nurse. Maybe I should go into Info Tech instead, what do you guys think?
  8. guest517

    Stuck in a dilemma

    Everything the first person stated was pretty much the same thing I was going to say. Your best bet to try and get accepted would be to retake some of the classes to raise that GPA. However, another alternative would be to apply for an LPN program, their requirements aren't as strict as an ADN program. You can always make the LPN-RN transition as many LPNs do.
  9. There isn't a time limit based on the sections, but the overall time limit for the entire test is 4 hours which will be more than enough time. I think there were around 6 or 7 reading passages in the reading comprehension section and they were really simple and only consisted of 2-5 paragraphs. It can be time consuming but I kind of skimmed through most of the reading, I'd suggest looking at the question first and then just refer back to the text because it'll save you a lot of time.
  10. guest517

    My Quest for Soul Searching....

    I think you should give it another try. Not all Nursing Schools are as selective as the one in California. Just based on your pre-reqs alone, you could easily get into an ADN program where I live. The cost issue might not be so negotiable , I know the prices on everything out west tends to be high. I think your GPA, as long as its 3.0 and up should be fine. Also most people who do Nursing Programs do work during school, rather it be part time or full time, most people don't really have a choice. I think you should take a leap of faith and try again. The first step would just be to apply, the worst that could happen is you get rejected lol which would make options much more simple. Good Luck!!
  11. guest517

    Hybrid A&P Class

    Prior to beginning Nursing Pre-reqs, I did a majority of my courses online and it worked for me especially since I work full-time but, in our school, if you're taking any Math or Science courses, you have to take the exams on campus. I've also heard all of the horror stories about hard the class was so I decided to not do it online. I recently got a B in the class and I feel like it was definitely doable as an online course. I think I'll probably even take A&P 2 online next year. I will say that the only reason you should decide against it because its an 8 week course, which likely means they'll condense majority of the material into a few weeks which is impossible to learn lol. If you can find an online full term course of A&P , I'd say go fir it!
  12. guest517

    I passed A&P I!! (Helpful tips included)

    lol why on Earth would you wanna retake A&P I if you didn't fail it
  13. guest517

    Hesi help

    For the math its mostly Ratios And proportions, fractions, Basic multiplication and division. There were also a few conversion questions that I guessed on lol so make sure you study those as well. I'm not sure about the science because we weren't required to take those portions in my school
  14. guest517

    Hesi help

    Here's a good site, Best Free HESI A2 Math Study Guide! The math portion is extremely basic. Don't look too much into it
  15. guest517

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    I don't get why everyone is giving off negative vibes. If you didn't have a solution to offer, why take our time to comment? Anyways..have you considered a job that could utilize your degree but be outside of a healthcare setting? Maybe you can start your own company and be an entrepreneur. You have the leadership/Management skills.
  16. I passed the class with a B and I've never felt more relieved. After taking the class I realized that the material itself wasn't that difficult but its the amount of material that you have to learn that's difficult. You have to understand one thing to understand the next because its all connected. I think what type of teacher you have will structure the methods you'll have to use to succeed. For my teacher, she claimed that she only tested from her lectures and even gave us study guides. However that was a lie, our exams contained almost none of what was presented in lecture and the study guides didn't help either which sucked because a majority of the class relied only on the lecture power-points while studying per her advice. After failing the exam, I reviewed the structure of all of the questions that were asked. After reviewing them, I found almost all of the answers and even some of the same questions in my textbook. I incorporated creating multiple choice questions into my studying method as well as using the textbooks as my main study guide. I also created a lot of diagrams which is so much easier than doing traditional notes. Doing these things helped me do well on the remaining exams in this class. Time management is key in this class and likely any other core science. I studied for at least 1 to 2 hours a day. I never did any cramming, even on the weekends because it wasn't logical. Students always say they studied 10 hours or the entire day but that is rarely effective. You have to do a little each day not all in one day. The brain does not retain information that way. I HAD To go over a few sections every day to not only grasp an understanding but to MEMORIZE the terms and locations. If you can't manage an hour or more of study time outside the class, DON'T bother taking it. DON'T waste your time, just take it when you know you can be committed to the class. It was a tough class but its doable, I'm 22 and have no children yet there were moms in the class with children and full-time jobs who Aced the course with no issues. There aren't any excuses in the end. Good Luck everyone! See ya next semester!