study skills?

  1. I never really learned how to study while I was a child/teen in school. Does anyone have any study skills courses they can recommend? Maybe online or purchased...or free is even better! I have to do well...or else LOL

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    I did a search online and found a lot of good web sites that gave tips. They also offer a few free lectures at my school on study skills like how to take good notes and things like that. They aren't in the course catolog though they are posted on boards around campus.
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    I really never had to study in school, all I had to do was listen to the teacher, and it would all sink in. Now that I am in college it is pretty much the same, but I do have to study now only because instructors go from subject to subject so much it is hard to stay on track.

    In my opinion they key to studying is note taking. Learn how to take notes, and all you'll have to do is read over your notes again and again, and that will be your study time. In my system of taking notes I place lines on both sides of the sheet of paper, about an inch or two from the edge. Then I write ll of my in class notes, in the middle of those two lines. After class, I use my little section on the left, to write what I think the instructor was really trying to say, and in my right section I write what I got from that part of the lecture. I know you most likely don't understand but evryone has their own ways.
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    I am taking college study skills course online this semester.The book is a workbook and really looks good.
    It is called: Becoming a master student
    by: Dave Ellis isbn:0618206787
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    Please refer to I just posted a neat little quiz that tells you what kind of learner you are. Good luck!

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    Great website! Thanks for posting it

    Quote from nurse2be2007
    Please refer to I just posted a neat little quiz that tells you what kind of learner you are. Good luck!

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    I tape the lectures with a digital recorder. I don't get a chance to listen to them all but I fast fwd to lectures that I need more clarification on. In addition I take notes and make flash cards. If you're able, study groups can be helpful sometimes, mainly because you are talking about the subject you're learning. If you have children, explain to them what you have learned. They really enjoy the fact that you're involving them & you've just spent quality time while studying. =) I was able to learn the muscles & bones in just three days and still remember them by involving my children. My 5 year old knows a lot of them. Good Luck...and you can also try this website:

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    I am BSN accelerated nursing program now. My pre-nursing courses GPA was 4.0.

    To study in the most effective way are:

    Be well-prepared before the class. That helped a lot.

    Pay attention to the lecture, take notes about everything the Prof. said. They usually will be on the test.

    Go back to check in the textbook, both for reviewing and exploring your interests.

    Studying with index cards and save it for nursing school.

    Use good skills to memorize the knowledge you learned, then you will never forget it. Internet is the best way to find the information.

    Then group studying.

    Last, study, study, study, that is the only that could make your dream become true.

    Good luck

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    Thanks again everyone! This going to sound really stupid but I do not know how to take notes either I did contact someone from my college regarding study skills class and she gave me some info. We will see I guess.
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    Quote from nurse2be2007
    Please refer to I just posted a neat little quiz that tells you what kind of learner you are. Good luck!

    We were given this same quizz in school. Thanks for the website it explains it fully. I am aural/kinesthetic & I actually study & learn the way it says I will for the best results. Thanks!