Should I take nutrition online?

  1. Hi,
    so last month I received my acceptance letter to nursing school. Im going to be starting next fall! So excited. Right now I'm studying to be a cna and should be done in December. Next semester I want to take statistics and nutrition. I was wondering if it's harder to do nutrition online since there is a lab with it. I definitely will be taking statistics in person, but I'm thinking I want to do nutrition online, I just don't know how the lab would go?

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  3. by   Glucagon
    Hopefully someone will have had a similar class to answer specifically because I've never heard of a general nutrition course with a lab. I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult to do since I can't imagine you do dissections, which is what makes doing A&P lab online difficult.
  4. by   Etak
    I took both nutrition and stats online and it was fine. Generally I find online classes easy with the exception that you need to be self motivated and not a procrastinator. Like the other poster though, I've never heard of nutrition with lab?
  5. by   203bravo
    Yep have to concur... I've not heard of nutrition having a lab... I too took it online and found it very doable.

    Best of luck to you.
  6. by   lromkee
    I, also, have not heard a nutrition class with a lab. Unless it was for dietetic majors. I took my nutrition class online. Lots of work but I got an A.
  7. by   MomtaRN2B2020
    I actually took two different nutrition classes online. The first class I took I made a C. However the second type of nutrition class I made an A. You have to put a lot of effort into studying since the class is online. You have to stay focused. Anyway, for both nursing classes we had forums and weekly quizzes, and for both we never had exams. We only had to type up 2 papers in APA format. Whatever you choose to do; good luck with your decision!!
  8. by   jadeyechan
    If you ever decide to take stats online rather than nurtrition, I can assure that you will be fine. It might even be easier that way. The stats class that I am in right now is in person but all the stuff that we do is online. Including the tests. It's basically an online class for me and I can pass with an easy A. Just have to dedicate your time to it and priortize. I haven't taken nutrition yet so I don't have a say on that but this is just my insight!
  9. by   LubbDubb77
    I took nutrition online and had no issues. I didn't have a lab with nutrition though. I have had an online lab with biology though, it wasn't bad - I think you'll be good. Nutrition is a pretty fun and cool class.