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  1. Hello! Welcome, and Good Luck, everybody applying!
  2. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    A friendly reminder to anyone who intends to reapply next semsester in the event you don't get in this semsester and won't be taking classes at CSUS in Spring 2020, the deadline to apply to the university for Fall 2020 is tomorrow.
  3. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    I spoke to Heidi on the phone yesterday about my application plans for next semester, and asked if she happened to know what alternate they were on now. She said no alternates have been or will be admitted until the deadline for those accepted to do their intent to enroll has passed, which today. Then with thanksgiving tomorrow and the weekend, I would assume the alternates will begin getting notified Monday at the earliest.
  4. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    @TBird I’m not sure about the ten spots. I haven’t heard anything about that. when does Chico release theirs? I’ve pretty much resigned that I won’t get in this round but I’m still very interested in watching the results to see how it plays out.
  5. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    @Jiangjane per the email, alternate numbers won’t change. They’ll immediately email the next person when a seat is available. But to know what number alternate that they are on now, we’d either have to hear from the person themselves that they were selected, or email to ask for an update. Perhaps they’ll update the website to show what alternate they are on like they did for fall. As of right now, that information is not on the website for spring.
  6. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    I’m exactly the same. #23, here. I was extremely hopeful since 39 alternates got through in the fall, so it’s disappointing to see only 15-18 are likely for spring. oh well. I’m going to work on getting a few more points with volunteering and try again next semester.
  7. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    @ambk1 Ok that's good to hear. So far everyone I have heard from that did get an email was accepted. Maybe they are just waiting to send the standings at 5pm like they originally said in the email? I was doing so well, being to relaxed and patient today, not checking my email til 5. Then I got texts from a friend about her email and now I can't stop checking! Good Luck to you!
  8. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    Congratulations to everyone that got in!! I'm still refreshing with nothing. Is there anyone else that was expecting some sort of news today that has heard nothing? I know I was only in waitlist territory for points but I am very anxious to see my standing. I guess I'm just hoping I'm not the only one still waiting!!
  9. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    I've got nothing in any folder. I'm dying!
  10. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    I have a friend that just got her email a few minutes ago. I haven't received anything (but I'm refreshing like a mad person). Has anyone else gotten an email?
  11. Etak

    calculators on the teas

    Yes, but it’s embedded in the screen, a pop up window you can open whenever you need it. It’s also only a 4 function calculator (but you really don’t need more than that).
  12. Etak

    Nursing Prerequisites- Help!

    Crash course khan academy armondoh. Org teas study guides (like the Mometrix book) also check your school canvas site, it’s possible there are posted lectures you can access from professors that teach online and hybrid classes. For physiology, you’ll learn them by body system, in depth on a chemical level. Some of the more in depth and complex systems were: endocrine, nervous, renal/urinary, digestive, and immune. You’ll cover all the systems, but these are the ones I’d like to have more time with if given the chance. micro overall is pretty intense but the biggest overall topics are cellular respiration and genetics (dna synthesis) which actually does overlap with physio a bit but goes more in depth and includes prokarya, where in physio you’ll only study eukarya. In anatomy, the muscles were the most difficult for me, especially having to know origin, insertion, and action of each muscle. luckily, there are no concepts to master, it’s just rote memorization. Anyways, good luck!! if you’re taking these classes one at a time you should be able to get As in all as long as you remember: repetition is the key.
  13. Etak

    Pre nursing program advice?

    I don’t think you’ll want to hear my advice, but here it is: if you want As in both A&P II and micro, don’t take them in the same semester, even if it means you delay applications by a semester. Micro is an intense class and I’d highly recommend not combining it with another heavy science. What are the applicant statistics of the previous semesters of nursing students at your school? That should be posted on the school website and will give you the clearest idea of where you fall in line with other applicants. Also check to see how they weight their acceptance criteria. A lot of times it’s very heavily weighted to your core sciences grades and entrance exams and less on the cumulative gpa. Talk to a guidance counselor and seek their advice on how to strategize to get yourself in the best position possible. And take their advice! They see thousands of students and they know what students struggle with the most, and what not to do, and how to navigate the application criteria for your specific program.
  14. Etak

    Can I take the TEAS at a school I am not applying to?

    Yes. The school you take them at will automatically receive your transcript, but if you want to apply elsewhere, you have log into the teas website and order the transcript to be sent to the school you want. (After you take the teas) You have to do this step on your own, they don’t do it for you. And I believe the cost of the transcript was $27.
  15. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    I did see it! I'm also at 67. I'm still not holding my breath though, if they go from 69 points at spot 80 only down to 65 points at spot 155... I'm afraid theres going to be 60+ people with 68 and 67 points! Does anyone know how they rank tie breakers?
  16. Etak

    Anyone not good at math but turned things around?

    Yes!!! me, me, me! Here’s my math history. algebra for the first time in 9th grade. I was always weak in math and got paired with an awful, truly awful teacher that HATED kids. She threw the book at us, didn’t teach a thing, and then called our parents in front of the class, during class, to tell them we didn’t do our homework that no one knew how to do. It was a long time ago, so I didn’t remember if I got a D or F, but it was bad. It was traumatizing, and I don’t say that lightly. This set the tone for math for the next decade of my life. I retook algebra in 10th grade. Good teacher, but hated the subject. Scraped by with a C. 11th grade I had geometry and was passed with a C that honestly, I didn’t earn. My teacher pitied me when I really should have failed. 12th grade, I took business math. The kind where you learn how to balance a checkbook. It was math for the dummies that needed to check a box to get enough credits to graduate and I fit right in. I couldn’t risk taking a difficult math because failing again literally would stop me from graduating high school. (BTW, otherwise, I was a very good student. All As and Bs otherwise but just suffered at math) Community college in 2003, algebra again. It’d been two years and I was never good at it to begin with so I needed to try to rebuild the foundation. Got a D. Decided college was not for me and I’d never get through the math to any degree. Gave up. Fast forward many years and I become dead set on nursing. I figured, I’ll do my very, very best. If it’s not enough, then I just wasn’t cut out for it. 2016 I re-enroll in community college absolutely determined to get through math. I retake that remedial algebra class, and on the first day I open my book and there’s an entire paragraph about the American belief that people are born “good” or “bad” at math. But in Japan, there’s no such myth. People that work hard at math are good at math and those that don’t, don’t. I decided to adopt the Japanese stance on this, as clearly the cards were stacked against me if I continued to believe I was “bad at math.” First semester back in basic algebra: A. Not only that, I aced my cumulative final and my instructor said I got the highest grade anyone she taught that semester. She wrote that in red pen on my final. I kept that paper. It was my first math victory in my life. second semester: intermediate algebra: A. Not just that, but I breezed through the class and ended with over 100%. third semester: statistics, the last math class I needed: A. the next couple of semesters my focus switched to the science prerequisites (and the strong grasp on algebra really helped in chemistry, fwiw) then I started studying for the TEAS. My math section of my TEAS score? 100%. So here’s what I did to turn around my math “life” 1) adopt a new attitude. Say it out loud. I was not “born bad at math.” I never learned how to do math, but I am not incapable of learning now. This is SO important and honestly, I’m convinced the key to my success. A quote I love and always say to myself and to my kids is: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” -unknown 2) Do what it takes. This might mean frustrating amounts of work that go above and beyond the assigned work. I did this before every test, I took practice exams before every test that my teacher never even saw. I did every problem I could find for every chapter. A lot of people don’t like to do work they won’t get credit for. That’s dumb. Your teacher won’t see it, but your test score will. Most college professors don’t check homework to see if you did it. Do it anyway, that’s how you study math. 3) go to every class, do every assignment. No exceptions. 4) YouTube!!!! YouTube was not a thing when I was in high school. My goodness, I don’t know how people got through school without it. Maybe your teacher isn’t getting through to you and you just can’t grasp a concept. Whatever it is, someone, somewhere has made a video for you. And you can watch it 1000 times if you need to. And keep at it. You will do well! Take the idea that you can’t do it right out of your head and promise yourself you’ll do whatever it takes. Then, you will. It’ll be hard but you CAN do it!

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