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  1. Etak

    All Online Classes

    I love them. I’ve taken almost all of my prerequisites online. The only classes I took on ground were algebra (I believe I would have been fine, but my counselor advised against it since it was my first semester) and chemistry. All of my core bios were hybrids with lecture online and going in to campus for lab. Every other course I took from English to stats to nutrition, psych, human development, and anthropology and anything else I’m forgetting, were online. I’m also mom of 5, it’s been ideal for me. I’m also well organized and self motivated. I think procrastination is the enemy of succeeding in online courses and it’s important to know yourself before choosing between online or on ground.
  2. Etak

    Practice exam A and B

    I want to apply to CSU Sacramento’s traditional BSN. It’s admission is merit based on points earned. I need a minimum of 60 points just to be allowed to apply, and the majority of points are awarded for gpa and teas. I don’t speak a second language and I have no healthcare experience and am not a first generation student, nor am I a veteran. So in short, I need all the points I can get from my teas to be competitive. Last semester, 67 points was the lowest someone got in with and the average teas was 91.75. So, a 91 with my gpa, gives me 65 points. Which is under the lowest admitted last year of 67. If I get 95 on the teas, my points jump up to 70 and I’ll be in a much more competitive position. If I don’t get in, my second choice school is a lottery and I only need 78 on my teas to get in that lottery. That’s for an ADN. It’s a great program as well, but it’d be convenient to finish school with a BSN right away. The other downside is that the chances for winning the lottery last time I checked were about 20%. Not terrible, but... Thank you for the tips! My main study method is just take practice tests and learn about whatever I got wrong. I’ve been timing myself all along and will continue. If I run out of practice tests before August, I plan to re-listen to physiology lectures until I’m blue in the face.
  3. It really depends on the school. I know of the 4 schools I am looking at, only one has course expiration of 7 years, and only for the core bios and nutrition. The other three do not. All 4 schools are within 45 minutes of each other. Personally, I’d look around a bit and see what your options are. That’s so much work that would be brutal to repeat when you did so well to begin with!
  4. Etak

    Is this for Me?

    I don’t think it’s too late at all. Plus, military experience will likely be a bonus for you on nursing school applications. I’m going to be at minimum, 37 when I graduate. While I’m not the among the youngest students, I’m certainly not the oldest either. A close friend of mine graduated, passed nclex and landed a job within the last month and she’s 40. I actually know a few people who went into nursing after 40.
  5. I haven’t read all of the responses but of the ones I have, they ring true about the commute. The pass between NV/CA is regularly shut down in the winter, and even when it’s not, you can count on chain control at any time from November to April. (They even got a huge snow storm this last May). With chains, that three hour commute becomes 6+ hours. Vacaville to SF is a brutal commute unless you are driving in the middle of the night. Vacaville is also too far out to even use the often unreliable BART without commuting into the East Bay or Concord. You’re also going to have to factor cost of parking and bridge tolls into a Bay Area commute. You’d probably have an easier commute from Vacaville to Sacramento, honestly. Lastly, Sacramento housing isn’t yet as expensive as places like the Bay Area, you might find it easier to just live there or in a suburb east of Sac when you factor in cost of commute and quality of life with those other commutes. SMF is also a great airport if you’d be flying to FL regularly.
  6. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    Thank you! I know I need a 90 minimum on teas with my gpa as it is. I can apply in progress with my last class I need, so the healthy gpa is safe at this point. I just need to conquer the teas! I figure if I don’t get in anywhere, I can take 2 semesters of ASL then get the points for language and try again. I’m tied down to the area, so I’ll just keep at it til I get in somewhere!
  7. Etak

    Sac State Nursing Program Fall 2019

    They JUST updated the website on the 29th and now it does say it’s simply if you did your prerequisites locally. I did all mine in Rocklin so I am good to go for those points! Now it’s all about teas... thank you for the response and well wishes! Good luck to you as well as you!
  8. Etak

    How is your overall TEAS score calculated?

    Thank you! I did find on their website that they use some sort of algorithm to calculate the final score and that you wouldn’t be able to on your own. At least I won’t waste anymore time worrying about it since there’s nothing I can do about it!
  9. I don’t think it’s crazy at all! I don’t have medical experience either beyond having been a patient myself, and I am wrapping up the last of my prerequisites this fall. I’m not a squeamish person and am a firm believer that you can get used to anything. In anatomy we had a cadaver that was intimidating the first time we saw him, but by the end of the semester I was happily exploring the thoracic cavity right along with the professor. And actually, out of all the classes I’ve taken, which is all but one pre-req, not that many of my pre-nursing peers have medical experience. Now that I’m at the point in this journey where I’m scouring every detail of the applications at all of my schools I’ll apply to, it seems so few points are actually awarded for experience. They care much more about your gpa and teas score. My top choice schools offer 40 points for a great teas score, 30 points for a great gpa, and between 1-5 points for medical experience. In the end, if you’re in a heavily impacted area it may come down to experience or being bilingual in a tie breaker between two students, but in general, I personally don’t think it’s insane to pursue this with no previous experience.
  10. I love Doctor Pimple Popper! Also, I’m one of those freaks that loves watching ear wax removal on YouTube. I actually find it soothing!
  11. Etak

    Sacramento State Spring 2020

    Right now I am a current Sierra College student and my main concern is acquiring the points to even have a chance (aren’t we all?) If everything goes according to plan, I’ll apply to transfer with one course in progress (micro) with a science GPA 4.0 Nursing GPA 3.917 Adjusted Nursing GPA 4.0 and TEAS ??? (Taking them in August for first time) need a very high score to get the points needed The university applications are due Aug 1-Aug 31 with supplemental nursing applications Sept. 1-Oct. 1 I am having trouble navigating the optional points because they seem to have changed from the semesters past that coordinate with the available applicant pool statistics. It looks like there are only 88 points available total now (40-gpa 30-teas 18-optional) where as in the past, there were 100+ depending on the semester. So I’m wondering, do I have a shot scraping by with 61/88 points if the points cutoff in the most recent available stats had the lowest admitted at 79 points but had 100 points available to earn from. Does that make sense? Unfortunately, I don’t think there are many of the “optional points” I will qualify for. I am looking into hospital volunteering but they want a 1 year commitment and if I begin the program in January, I can’t make the commitment to volunteer for a year. Lastly, I have an appointment with my counselor in June (at Sierra) to ask all of these same questions. Sac State also says to attend a BSN group advising session but there are none yet scheduled for the near future. anyways, if there is anyone else out there neurotic like me and picking apart the website for information while I wait to take TEAs, get a BSN group session at Sac, and wait to see my counselor again, I’d love to hear from you!
  12. Hello! I know I am early starting this but I have my eye on applying for the spring 2020 semester and thought I’d start this to help each other through the application process! Please feel free to ask questions, (I know I have many!) about any part of the application process.
  13. Hello! I’m am beginning to buckle down and aggressively study for my TEAS exam that I plan to take this summer. I have a question about how your score is determined. I understand that there are 4 categories, but with each the number of questions is different. Correct me if I am wrong but there are: 53 Reading, 36 math, 53 science, and 28 English questions. I know you’re given a percentage on each category and then one overall percentage. Because each category does not have the same number of questions, I’m wondering how the final percentage you are given and would submit on applications is calculated. Is it just a percentage of total questions, for example x/170=% or are some categories weighted more (beyond them having more questions) or is there an average of all 4 scores, etc? I hope this question is makes sense. I’m trying to calculate my first mock test score and want to know how they do it. One last question, has anyone used the Barron’s TEAS practice test book? I completed a practice test (timed) and was wondering if it’s at all accurate. I finished each category with a lot of time to spare and want to know if I am ok with my time allotment or if this book poorly represents the questions on the real test. I do plan to buy that ATI test they sell themselves but have to wait until pay day and just don’t want to lose time studying. Thank you all!
  14. Etak

    Chemistry and Anatomy over summer break??

    Sorry, but no. I would not. Again, this is coming from someone that lives in an area that needs as close to a 4.0 as possible for a snowball’s chance. I was strong in Chem. I spent about 10 hours a week on homework/studying outside of class/lab for a 16 week class. I spent probably 30 hours a week outside of lab for anatomy over 16 weeks. However, this was a hybrid so those 30 hours do include lecture online. I finished with an A in each, but not without effort. I have too many obligations besides school to have taken either over 8 weeks. If school was it for me, then yeah, I think it’d be ok. But BOTH together in 8 weeks?? No way. Not even if school was the only thing I had to do and could spend 80 hours a week studying.
  15. Etak

    Straight A students..

    Slow and steady wins the race. I have 5 kids, my youngest was 6 months old when I began prereqs, and I have a 4.0 so far. I’m half way through physio with an A+ so far, and only have micro to take after this. If you need straight As, it’s crucial you do not overload yourself. Doubling up on your sciences is tempting to get through them quickly but unless you can make school your full time number one priority with no other obligations or are already very strong in the areas, I’d never ever recommend it. I personally also took even more time by taking some remedial math and chemistry before I got into the real prereqs. Being totally secure and set in algebra set me on a smooth path for chemistry. Being strong in chemistry and algebra made nutrition and physiology easier. Take your “easy” classes over the summer to speed things up if you want to, but I see it often with classmates every semester, the hurry-to-finish overloaders either drop something and have to have a W on their transcript, of have to face Bs or Cs in an area so impacted they’re simply not in a position to be as competitive. And also, let me tell you. I think being a parent is a benefit to you as a student. For me, it forces me to never procrastinate so I can get everything done. It forces me to do my best work because I have 5 daughters watching me and they think their mom is smart and I’m motivated to not let them down. You already know how to work through tired and do hard things you don’t want to do if you are a parent. You don’t have time to waste . You bring a set of skills, organization, and dedication as a non-traditional student. Use them to your advantage!