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  1. Sammiegurl87

    Performance Anxiety Help

    Hi, so I just completed my 3rd week of lpn school. I also passed my first exam! I love lecture class. I love learning and challenging my brain. However, I dread every single day of lab. I only have lab once a week. I have major performance anxiety and next week we have our first skills check on vitals. I’m so nervous. I cry every time I get out of lab. The girls I partner with never want to help me out or they stare and judge me. That’s causing my anxiety to go up. I’m almost ready to quit. Today I got shaken and wanted to puke. I’m really almost about to quit. any suggestions? Is my body telling me that this field is not for me? thank you for any advice/help
  2. Sammiegurl87

    New cna criticism

    Hi all, im not sure if I’m posting this in the right category but I’m a brand new cna and just wondering if the criticism I just received from an agency cna was correct. First off, this woman has already left a bad taste in my mouth by the fact that she was talking crap about a very large resident. I guess this resident has a reputation for being very very particular with her care. She’s given me attitude before too but this cna just ranted on about how it’s not fair that she decides to be over 400 lbs and let herself go. I didn’t think that was appropriate at all. So after that I’m helping her lay a resident down in bed. She got the top half and I did her lower half. I was very gentle with her because this resident had told me that one of her knees were hurting, so naturally I want to be-careful. So after we did that, the cna comes to me and tells me that I could have hurt her with how I handled her. I should have been quick with her. She also says the only time to be gentle is when they have pain in their legs and feet. So I respond by saying this residents knee was hurting but the cna said oh well that wouldn’t hurt her with how we moved her. Omg it frustrates me. I said thank you and I’ll know how to do it next time. But was I wrong?? I asked the resident if she was okay and she said yes. The cna had just learned that I’m orientating, so I don’t know if I got on her nerves? Also, I put ted stockings on two residents that ended up saying ow ow ow. I felt horrible. And I got the same reaction when taking a pair off. These stockings are hard to put on and I try to be gentle. Is there anyway to avoid hurting a resident when putting teds on? Or is that reaction going to happen and I’ll just have to apologize? I feel horrible. I didn’t get that reaction from others on a different wing? Thank you for your advice!!!! i just want to be a great cna but I’m starting to question if I have what it takes. I know it’s a tough field so I’m still holding up calmly for now.
  3. Sammiegurl87

    Preparing for nursing school

    Hi, I’m going to be starting nursing school in the fall at southern Maine Community College. I just was wondering if there’s anything i can do to prepare? I just got my CNA license and getting all my life responsibilities in order but is there anything else I can do or study? I even look over recent health news to stay informed. Thank you so much for any advice!
  4. Sammiegurl87

    Already struggling as a cna

    Hi everyone, so earlier this year I decided to go train to be a cna so that I could be a good nurse. Last week was our first full week of clinicals. I know i need to gain more muscle because transferring has been difficult. But that's something I can and will work on. So far I'm comfortable with the bathing, toiletting, cleaning, giving food trays, etc. but I am not doing so well with taking vitals. They put me to work Friday morning by getting 4 vitals. I was so slow. It took me a minute to untangle the equipment and figuring out which vital sign to get first. I also had a hard time putting the blood pressure cuff on the patients because they were lying down and I couldn't do it right. My instructor gave me some feedback and said that I need to be more assertive and be quicker taking vitals. I'm going into nursing school in the fall and I'm worried that I'm too slow for this work. I don't think my instructor has any faith in me because all the other students are right on top of the work. I'm a slow learner, but I'm book smart and got almost all As in my prerequisites. Is this something I'll get better at or is being a slow learner going to hurt my nursing school clinicals and my cna job? Also any advice on putting the cuff on? I'm also worried I'm too shy and insecure but I work at a group home and have been able to take care of others. I'm just feeling like I'm not good enough right now. Any advice would be great. Thank you
  5. Sammiegurl87

    Should I take nutrition online?

    Hi, so last month I received my acceptance letter to nursing school. Im going to be starting next fall! So excited. Right now I'm studying to be a cna and should be done in December. Next semester I want to take statistics and nutrition. I was wondering if it's harder to do nutrition online since there is a lab with it. I definitely will be taking statistics in person, but I'm thinking I want to do nutrition online, I just don't know how the lab would go? thanks
  6. Sammiegurl87

    quick question on the teas test

    Thank you so much!
  7. Sammiegurl87

    quick question on the teas test

    Hi, my exam is coming up in 11 days and I am getting more and more anxious. Right now the reading section is making more anxious because of the timing. I have dealt with timed exams before and naturally the best way for me to get through them is skipping the hard questions and answering the easy ones first. Can you skip through questions and go back to them? Thanks!
  8. Sammiegurl87

    Tips for the teas 6 exam

    Thank you!
  9. Sammiegurl87

    Tips for the teas 6 exam

    Does anyone have any tips on the science section? Should I study chemistry? I skipped the science part in the study guide because everyone says it's a waste of time.
  10. Sammiegurl87

    Tips for the teas 6 exam

    Hi! So earlier this year I ended my prerequisites for nursing school. I am scheduled for the teas exam September 22. I have done practice exam A on the ATI website,but I did so so. I went through the study guide and plan on taking exam B maybe next week? But I have also been using a phone app called TEAS 6. I also have the teas prep app that cost $15. I have found the app I bought to be much easier. The free one I just recently found is much harder and I'm more overwhelmed than I was before I tried the free app. The science section is very tough! I was wondering if there is going to be any chemistry like there is on this app. There is also questions on the periodic table of elements! I have not taken a chemistry class in my life. I was wondering if anyone knows what to expect on the science section. I feel overwhelmed and lost. Would crash course be enough to help? I have checked out khan academy only once. It seems dull to me lol anyways, I made this post long enough. Thanks you for reading and any advice Is really appreciated! I struggle with test anxiety so bad. lol who doesn't? Thanks again!
  11. Sammiegurl87

    Scared of nursing school

    Hi! I Am new to this site and I figured I might get some help. So when I started college, I wanted to be a social worker. I want to help people. However my state has been cutting back funding on human services. So my parents and friends told me nursing is a great field to get into. I had doubts. But I decided to go with it. I have done really well in most classes. Dosage was surprisingly hard at times and right now I am doing microbiology and we have one month left. I want to scream. It's such a hard class. I feel like I was thrown in, there was no explanation as to what we were doing or anything. But I'm surviving surprisingly. I am now having major doubts if this is the right field. I don't want to hurt anyone in my career and if I'm having a hard time with microbiology, does that mean nursing school is going to be just as hard for me? I thought I heard how you do in microbiology will indicate how well you do in nursing school. I'm scared at this point. I don't want to hurt anyone in my career is also a concern. I know I love treating people because I'm a crma currently and for some reason I enjoy giving meds and helping my clients with anything health related. Sighs....sorry for rambling but if I can get any tips or if this might be the wrong field. Thank you!!