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New cna criticism

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Hi all,

im not sure if I’m posting this in the right category but I’m a brand new cna and just wondering if the criticism I just received from an agency cna was correct. First off, this woman has already left a bad taste in my mouth by the fact that she was talking crap about a very large resident. I guess this resident has a reputation for being very very particular with her care. She’s given me attitude before too but this cna just ranted on about how it’s not fair that she decides to be over 400 lbs and let herself go. I didn’t think that was appropriate at all. So after that I’m helping her lay a resident down in bed. She got the top half and I did her lower half. I was very gentle with her because this resident had told me that one of her knees were hurting, so naturally I want to be-careful. So after we did that, the cna comes to me and tells me that I could have hurt her with how I handled her. I should have been quick with her. She also says the only time to be gentle is when they have pain in their legs and feet. So I respond by saying this residents knee was hurting but the cna said oh well that wouldn’t hurt her with how we moved her. Omg it frustrates me. I said thank you and I’ll know how to do it next time. But was I wrong?? I asked the resident if she was okay and she said yes. The cna had just learned that I’m orientating, so I don’t know if I got on her nerves? 

Also, I put ted stockings on two residents that ended up saying ow ow ow. I felt horrible. And I got the same reaction when taking a pair off. These stockings are hard to put on and I try to be gentle. Is there anyway to avoid hurting a resident when putting teds on? Or is that reaction going to happen and I’ll just have to apologize? I feel horrible. I didn’t get that reaction from others on a different wing? 

Thank you for your advice!!!!

i just want to be a great cna but I’m starting to question if I have what it takes. I know it’s a tough field so I’m still holding up calmly for now. 

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You will eventually get the hang of it trust me, you will learn as you go. Also regarding the cna you were working with disregard any aides like that, you did your best and made sure your resident felt okay. What another cna does or thinks might not be how you do it and that's okay.

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