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  1. Okay so I need some help. I lasted about one month at this SNF, so I start itching all over my body but I did not think anything of it until the symptoms gradually worsened! I was itching 24/7 my arms and legs I am completely scarred. At first I thought this was due to my eczema since I do have skin issues but I did go and get checked out and guess what? I HAVE FREAKING SCABIES. I thought about every possible explanation before I could even think about blaming it on my new job, I even thought it was because of my dog for a moment but I came to the realization if it was my dog my brother would have it and everyone else in my family since he's all over the couches and beds but nobody except me ever got it and also I did not do or go anywhere out of my daily routine so I could not have contracted from anything else. So I call in and I am still on my probation period so that is when I go and get checked because I need a note to not count against me, I am put off for the next 2 days and let my supervisor know immediately, this was on a Sunday so I knew she wasn't going to be in the office and I did call before too and nobody of that higher position could take my call in so I text, I send her a text message and picture of my proof and she did not reply back which I thought was very unprofessional on her part I would of thought she would ask when did I start feeling this/if I noticed any patients itching but nope and that's when I got mad and I decided to quit without even giving notice until they finally got a hold of me for like the 5th time (unprofessional I know) she did not bother texting me back when I told her I had scabies but put on this act saying she was very "worried" for me when I did not show up to work. Keep in mind I was around 15 weeks pregnant at the time and did not want to continue working at a facility I am sure I contracted scabies from and from a unprofessional supervisor. I know on my part I was unprofessional by quitting without notice and ignoring them but I'm wondering if there was anything they were suppose to say or do? Like bed checks or anything. I warned the other CNA's on the floor to be careful since I did not know where I contracted it from but that it might have been from there, they said they did not hear anything about that. When I went to HR to sign that I quit and told her about what had happened she said if it was them then someone would have reported that there was scabies on a resident and just gave me a paper saying I can still file a complaint even thought I didn't work there anymore.
  2. GinaBuddafly

    SJVC LVN Program?

    Has anyone ever attended the LVN program at SJVC Visalia campus? I am thinking of going this route but the cost has me debating.