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MomtaRN2B2020 has 12 years experience as a ASN, CNA, LPN, RN.

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  1. Done with nursing

    Im doing prior authorization from home, and handling covid calls from home. I Worked the bedside for 12 years and was burnt from covid.
  2. New ADON

    Do far so good! I love it, however it is only day 3 today! My facility is just about ready for survey! A lot of things were corrected from the previous one! I will be shadowing each team member just to get an idea of what they do and how they do it. ...
  3. New ADON

    No I can not because im nobody’s scapegoat but thanks for your support!
  4. New ADON

    Congrats. When is your next survey due? Regardless of what position, I always checked the old survey to make sure deficiencies pertinent to me were answered or they were in the process. And be friendly with other dept heads. Good luck. ...
  5. New ADON

    I recently accepted a position for an assistant director of nursing at a LTC facility and would like any tips to start off with to be successful!thank you
  6. New here!

    Is it better to get paid salary, per visit or hourly with hospice care and do any of you work for lhc group?
  7. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    You are right because I put in 40 applications before I landed my work from home remote job. I start on Monday.
  8. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Private message sent thanks
  9. Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Hello what do you use for secure wifi when traveling???
  10. New to Homehealth

    Hi I’m coming from bedside nursing and moving to homehealth! Since I am new to homehealth can you all give me some tips for survival??
  11. Should I go FT or stay PT in academia?

    Hello I am in this exact situation now. I currently work ER. My original plan was to stay at least 2 years and then apply for a job in education either doing clinical or fulltime faculty. Well my opportunity came earlier than expected. I was o...
  12. For Profit College

    Anyone works for a for profit college? If so, what are the benefits like for educators? I’m new to the world of academia since I have been at the bedside for years. I will be teaching a lpn class. Any advice or tips?
  13. ER vs M/S

    I chose the ER! Thanks for all your input!
  14. ER vs M/S

    I posted in ED and General but yes I am leaning more towards the ED!
  15. ER vs M/S

    I asked to shadow and was told no.