running out of options to start nursing school

  1. Hi Everyone

    I am in need of some advice. I have two children 9 and 5 and I want to start a diploma in Nursing. My husband is supportive of my decision but..... I'm finding it difficult to find care that opens earlier then 6am, my family is not able to help as they all work (even my mum and dad) and my husband leaves for work at 4:30am in the morning. I feel like I have already run out of options. Is there anything I could possible do in my situation?

    Thank you
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  3. by   sirI
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    We moved your thread to Pre-Nursing for the best response. Good luck with your Nursing career plans.
  4. by   ddockery85
    Are there any programs around you that offer night or weekend classes. That might be something to look into as an option
  5. by   beekee
    Get a nanny.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Advertise all over (church, store, laundromat bulletin boards, Craigslist, special sites for child care hookups), until you find someone willing. And be prepared to pay them for their extra effort.
  7. by   Cynthiabugeja
    Thank you everyone, I literally didn't even think of a Nanny. I will have a look into it.
  8. by   caliotter3
    Another alternative is to seek to pair up with a fellow mommy student at whatever nursing program you enter and arrange with the school that the two of you have opposite clinical schedules so that you can act as each other's sitter. As long as there are at least two groups, there is no reason why the school can not accommodate both of you on this cooperative endeavor.
  9. by   nursinglove30
    Can you look into agencies that provide home sitters? I live in a big metro area (DC metro area) and during my prerequisites I worked with an agency doing babysitting jobs for families with various needs. It literally paid my school and bills. If your program is set up like mine, it is only about 12 clinical days/semester and they start at 6:30 am and the other classes (lecture) start at 8:00 am or 11:00 am. so you would need a sitter only for the 12 days of clinical to help out. No need for a nanny or more expensive options.
  10. by   GullahNurse
    I am a single mother that works full time and I'm just about finished with taking all my prerequisites, which were all available online. If online doesn't work for you, also with your children being school aged I would imagine you could pick classes that were during their school hours
  11. by   MiladyMalarkey
    Any evening/weekend programs in your area? If you don't know check it out. I was in the same situation as you but my area had evening classes so I went for that & it's worked out well. Hopefully you can find a similar opportunity in your area.