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  1. nursinglove30

    Academic adviser says I'm selling myself short by going into nursing.

    STEM stands for science technology engineering and math.
  2. nursinglove30

    Academic adviser says I'm selling myself short by going into nursing.

    Be careful. A lot of these schools have an agenda now. They recognize that nursing is very popular among women and are working to stear more toward STEM majors. I personally don't have anything against STEM but it's becoming tiresome now whenever I am at my school, it seems like that's the focus there. Most of the scholarships goes to them as well.
  3. nursinglove30

    Prereq rigor vs nursing school?

    Nursing school is much much harder than all prerequisites combined. You have a lot more clinical related busy work to do all day long with about 15 chapters to study for the upcoming exam. You also have to attend clinical, class, and skills labs. There's ATI remediations and other things left and right. Don't get me started on med math before each semester. Oh did I also mention you only have 3-4 exams for a class and if you fail one or two, it could absolutely ruin your chance of passing the course and keep in mind you may get kicked out of the program. Yeah I will take prerequisites all day over nursing school.
  4. nursinglove30

    I just graduated high school

    See an adviser about how to pursue your associate in nursing. I want to also add to get a job as a CNA for basic nursing skills and experience. In the meantime, don't get pregnant and don't take out loads of loan. If I was like you and still in HS, I would get my education become an NP before moving out of parents home and getting married. good luck to you.
  5. nursinglove30

    Rant. Questions are killing me!

    Lol how are they racist?
  6. nursinglove30

    Rant. Questions are killing me!

    Wow amazing, do you write NCLEX questions?
  7. nursinglove30

    No health insurance

    The health insurance is mainly required because you will be working with patients who are very sick and there's a risk of contamination and needle stick. You want to make sure that you are covered just in case. Speak to an insurance agent. Explain your situation and what you need insurance for. Hopefully you will find a solution. Good luck.
  8. nursinglove30

    Rant. Questions are killing me!

    Lol I am really enjoying this thread cause I had a classmate who used to get very upset with these kind of tricks in questions. His outbursts and complaints were hilarious. Unfortunately he dropped out in the middle of second semester. But yes the answer is C based on what everyone before me said and also remember Nursing is holistic not just medical. In critical thinking when left with two answer choices look at Nursing process; priorities, safety, holistic care, being neutral when answering pt concerns. It can be frustrating but that's The nursing model.
  9. nursinglove30

    Student loans for off campus housing?

    Wow not sure if this is a serious post but will answer. so living at home with your parents is depressing? which is why you want to take out over 10k per year to pay for a place? Not judging but I think it is a very bad idea. Debt isn't good and can hold you behind and give you depression. If anything, you should live there until you can afford your own place, not take loans to pay it. Also watch a few video of Dave Ramsey on student loans on YouTube. You will understand how people are struggling. My two cents.
  10. nursinglove30

    2 full-time jobs?

    I understand we all need to make a living but nursing for the money and trying to obtain loads of it will not make you a good nurse. Please look for alternate solution. Perhaps a cheaper school, moving in with a roommate (having your own apartment means extra bills to pay not just rent alone), couponing, working part time. Good luck, op.
  11. nursinglove30

    First semester- feels like drowning

    Nursing school is a combination of street and book smart....meaning situation smart. Exams are designed to make a student competent in those two. In order to master this, read your textbook ONLY, and do lots of practice questions on the topic being covered. On exams, make sure to read and understand the questions well before answering it. In your personal life, get lots of rest. Good luck don't give up.
  12. nursinglove30

    Accomadating patients racist request?

    Lol racism in 2018 is so pathe tic (excuse my French) on so many levels. People don't understand that in today's world with globalization, everything you own, eat, ect... had a minority's involvement. Yes you will refuse care from a black person but the food you eat there, sheets you sleep on, medication you take was probably prepared by a black person. Can you refuse that? Until hospitals stand together to enact a common policy (highly doubts due to $), I am sure this will continue. Also I disagree that requesting same sex caregiver equals racial caregiver preference.
  13. nursinglove30

    Studying on the Job?

    Overnight residential or commercial concierge. almost 1:00 am and I am studying right now. Everyone in this building is asleep so not a sound. You won't get any healthcare experiences here but will get plenty of customer service experience which is good in nursing, also teach you to handle night shift. Best job for students IMO.
  14. nursinglove30

    Nursing School Essentials

    Lol that will be coffee. Many of us are on it daily and couldn't function without it. wasn't a coffee drinker but became one due to NS. So sad.
  15. nursinglove30

    Is nursing school really awful?

    I am a student now and have to admit that sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I really don't. But I feel blessed to be learning all the wonderful things being taught to us. When you approach it as glass half full it goes well. Life is good.
  16. nursinglove30

    Gap year before nursing school?

    I don't understand, if nursing is your passion then why not pursue it? you are very lucky you're living with your parents and don't have many bills. Perhaps going to a community college and cut the cost. If you have healthcare experience, many places out there offer tuition reimbursement for working part time. Go get your RN degree, don't get distracted. Wish I did mine sooner.

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