pre-reqs need help

  1. Does anyone know, how long it takes to complete pre-reqs for nursing school? And whats the fastest way, any respond is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Hi- with regard to pre-reqs, it depends on what you need to take and the availability, in order to tell you how long it will take. For example: our school required: Physics, Chem, Biochem, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Micro, Developmental Psych, Speech, Phys Ed X 2, interm algebra, English, Statistics, Sociology, languages/humanities/religion, plus an elective. All of this usually translates to about 2 years, but it differs from school to school. My school was a BSN program, so after these 2 years of general ed classes, then there were 2 years of nursing classes. I don't know how it is for ADN programs, but I hear that its pretty similar. But you need to add to that the fact that you may not get into the class of your need at exactly the right time. That happened to several students at the Community College where I took some pre-reqs, and it delayed things a little longer. So my recommendation is not to be scared by hearing all of these classes and to continue to pursue your dream, step by step. This list may look like a really big mountain to climb, but everyone here has either done it, or is doing it- and you can too! I recommend that you contact a few nursing schools in your area to find out what pre-requisites they want. You should start by taking the courses that every school seems to want first. Let me know if I can answer anything else regarding this- I'd like to be helpful but you asked a pretty general question!
  4. by   taylor21
    it all depends on the Pre-reques, I am having to take A+P I & II, Chemistry, and intro to Psych, however i am taking some of my core classes as well, like English, Micro Biology, Developmental Psych, and health care spanish.

    for me I am almost done with my Pre-Reqs but i am also trying to take every core class that I will need, besides the nursing classes.

    It takes a while to finish, but we will need more info about your pre-Reqs before we can make a determination.
  5. by   IaCountryGirl
    As the other two posters have said, it will depend on the school.

    My school has 7 prereq's you have to complete with a certain GPA before you can go into the nursing program. Those 7 HAVE to be finished before you can even get on the wait list.

    If one is doing the evening/weekend curriculum, then the school requires the 7 prereq's plus the 7 core classes before you can be added to the list. I think most schools require A&P1 plus A&P2 but it's unlikely you could take them together. I dont' think it's even allowed.

    Some classes maybe harder to get into then others. And you must also check to see if there's prereq's for the prereq's (how funny is THAT?!)

    I'm probably going for the evening/weekend curriculum for the nursing program so it will probably take me approx 2-2 1/2 years just for my 14 classes alone, a year on the wait list then 5 semesters straight (or two years) for the ADN. With 4 year colleges, you can get a bsn in probably that amount of time but cost is an issue for me and also, their schedule is not quite as flexible.

    Also keep in mind how much time you have to devote to class and the work involved, whether you work and how many hours you work and the credit hour of each class. I am taking on 13 credits right now, I work 25 hours a week plus I have two kids. However, the classes I'm taking are fairly easy at the moment and don't involve too much work. It's very doubtful I would be able to pull it off if A&P was one of my classes right now.
  6. by   semi-fly
    Quote from luv4all
    Does anyone know, how long it takes to complete pre-reqs for nursing school? And whats the fastest way, any respond is greatly appreciated.
    What I would suggest is gather the prerequisite courses from the nursing schools you see yourself applying to (since there is a chance each will require something different) and compile a list of courses that each has in common. Setup a schedule that will maximize your semester hours with what you think you'll fill comfortable tackling in a semester.

    Out of the schools I've looked into they require the following courses:

    English Comp. I - 3 hours
    English Comp. II - 3 hours
    Literature (World, British, American) - 3 hours
    Technical Writing - 3 hours

    College Algebra - 3 hours
    Statistics - 3 hours

    U.S. History to 1876 - 3 hours
    U.S. History Since 1876 - 3 hours

    United States Government - 3 hours
    State & Local Government - 3 hours

    A&P I - 4 hours
    A&P II - 4 hours
    Microbiology - 4 hours
    Chemistry (course will vary by institution) - 4 hours

    Intro. to Sociology - 3 hours
    Intro. to Psychology - 3 hours
    Life Span Growth and Development - 3 hours
    Nutrition - 3 hours

    Elective - 3 hours

    This was my course sequence:

    May-mester 2005
    United States History to 1876

    Summer I 2005
    College Algebra
    English Comp. I

    Summer II 2005
    United States History Since 1876

    Fall 2005
    United States Government
    Principles of Macroeconomics [Non BSN required course]
    Logic [Non BSN required course]
    Microcomputer Applications [Non BSN required course]

    Spring 2006
    English Comp. II
    Art Appreciation
    General Geology I [Non BSN required course]
    State & Local Government

    Summer I 2006
    British Literature

    Summer II 2006
    General Geology II [Non BSN required course]

    What I see myself doing as of today:

    Fall 2006 - 2nd 8 week course
    Intro. to Sociology

    Intro. to Psychology

    General and Biological Chemistry
    Nursing Microbiology
    Developmental Psychology
    Concepts of Nursing Professionals

    Summer I
    A&P I

    Summer II
    A&P II
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  7. by   AZmom
    Quote from IaCountryGirl
    And you must also check to see if there's prereq's for the prereq's (how funny is THAT?!)
    Very true. However, if you're resourceful enough you can get around that.

    If I'd went through one school, *MY* stacking would have looked like this:
    Semester1: intro Biology, Chem
    Semester2: A&P1 (prereq intro Biology), Microbiology (prereq Chem)
    Semester3: A&P2 (prereq A&P1)

    By going through a different school, *MY* stacking looks like this:
    Semester1: A&P1, Microbiology
    Semester2: A&P2

    I'm going through the second school for prereqs, but transferring to the first school for application into the nursing program. (Disclaimer: there are risks of doing it this way, such as courses not being transferrable. Something to keep in mind.)
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  8. by   luv4all
    Hello to all,
    I just want to let u all know how much i appreciate the time, you guys took to help and answer my question i thank u all very much.

    Well i have researched lots of schools they all require (A&P1 and 2 in general)nutrition, algebra, composition1&2 microbiology psychology, sciology, and develomental psychology thats just a requirement for one school. Every other schools has smilier but not quite the same. My thing is that do u have to get done with the prerequisites before applying to a school or, u can still apply while u are taking the require courses.

    I just dont want to concentrate on a a specific program requirement and than end up not attending at the time i want. And than have to take up classes for another school.I just dont know what to do as u guys can see i still do need help so any suggestion is appreciated

    Thanks in advance
  9. by   alexlynk
    Hi, I am a BSN student in Virginia and I have gone through three colleges and many months of planning for the Nursing school (I've finally made it, WOOHOO, you will too)!! Many schools are different and I'm sure you know that different schools have different rules, however, let me tell you about my school, I think this goes for most colleges/universities. My school required the application by Feb 1st, to start in the fall, that puts many people in a bad situation who are still working on their prereqs in the Spring. So many people asked, and the way it works here is they select you STRICTLY by you GPA, and you have to send them your final grades for Spring semester when you are done. Ofcourse they have the right to pull your acceptance if you completely mess up your Spring semester, but yes, the university does select allowing you to finish prereqs afterwards. How much muscle do the folks have who have ALL the prereqs done by the time they apply over those who need another semester is a separate question, one that you should ask the school you are applying to. Hope that helps, keep up with your GPA, the nursing school wont care if you are a great athlete, and selection is tough!!
  10. by   momathoner09
    Depends on what type of program you are trying to get into. I know a lot of the community colleges around here (NC) work on a "points" system. And you get so many points for an "A", "B", etc. Also you get points if you get your CNA or if you have othe related work experience or if you have worked in a related field before. I know you collected double points for A & P though. Oh yeah and I know any science classes "expire" after 5 years. My advice would be to mix up the classes and try not to take too many of those science classes during one semester!
  11. by   CuriousMe
    As others have said, a lot depends on the programs you're applying to. Often there are pre-reqs that need to be done by the time you apply and then an additional set of pre-reqs that must be completed before you start nursing school. The program I'm applying to makes it very clear that your acceptance letter is conditional on your spring and/or summer grades.

    edit - What I left out the first time, is that for the program I want to be accepted into, you need 30 credits to apply and 45 credits to start the program. Obviously, these are not random credits, they give you a list to work from. Most are what others have mentioned, Bio, Chem (not a pre-req, but a pre-req for A&P1), Mth 111, Human Development, Nutrition, Writing 121, 122 and 123, A&P1,2,3 as well as micro.

    This program, you can go for an ADN or BSN, if you go for the BSN, then you need stats and two terms of a foreign language as well.

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    Well, I am only going for my associates, so I am not sure if I will be any help.

    I have been going part time since the Summer of 2004. I work full-time and go to school part-time at night. I took two classes a semsester for 5 semesters (had a baby during my 5th semester) and I took this past spring and summer off. I am now back in school, taking 1 class and then I'll have 1 class next semester and that is it other than my Nursing courses. In total, if I had stuck with 2 classes per semester, it would have been a total of 6 semesters.