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This summer, after this semester, I'm going to look for a job that will make me feel more confident in a medical type setting- as to better prepare myself for nursing school and eventually becoming... Read More

  1. by   Kim O'Therapy
    Quote from sweethawaiiangirl
    Actually I didn't say anything about "gross" work. That was your word, not mine.
    I apologize. You are correct. It was your friend that made the comment, and the comment stated that CNAs get the "worst work". I stand corrected.
  2. by   natrgrrl
    I WANT to be a CNA because I want to be comfortable touching and caring for patients before I become a nurse. I think both of those things are overlooked by some students who want to prepare for nursing school. I may be different than other students but I am great in "book learning" but I need practice, practice, practice for applying what I know.
    I think if I become comfortable with how to treat a patient on a basic care level, I will have that much more confidence when performing more complicated procedures during school.
  3. by   Mexarican
    I am Community Health Educator for Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, Palm Beach and Treasure Coast. I have worked in Community Health for the past 7 years. 6 yrs in STD/HIV prevention, testing and intervention at the local health department in Hillsboro, Oregon and 1 yr with PP here in Miami. I think i may stay in community health/public health as a nurse or continue into epidemiology and end up with the CDC. :spin:

  4. by   Magpie Nightingale
    I'm working full-time as an editor while I take care of my nursing prerequisites (one class/semester). Once I get into nursing school full-time, I'd like to work in the hospital part-time. I'll get my CNA after the first semester of nursing school, but *during* the first semester, I'll just do whatever I can---I'm hoping I'll qualify for nurse-tech work.

    I'm like natrgrrl---great with the "book learning," but needing lots of real-world practice to confidently apply my knowledge. Being a CNA seems like just the ticket for me.
  5. by   AMR21
    i work as a camp cunselor for kids and adults with physical and sevlopmental disabilities. we have to do all PC and ADLs and the nursing staff at camp has been super helpful to me and the show/ explain a lot to me. its an AWESOME job
  6. by   justme1972
    I'm currently working at a call center and I just send out insurance cards all day long on a part-time basis. It gives me my own money, and the company allows me to bring either a book or notecards to study from in between calls. THE perfect part-time job.
  7. by   Jenny67
    I am a Certified Medical Assistant in a Family Practice office under a MD and a DO.

    I also have a Per Diem job as a MHRT-1 in a Group Home of 6 clients where we give meds, assist with meals, household chores and spend time with the clients.

  8. by   LUXOR21
    I am currently a medical secretary at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I decided to work here because I wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes. I support 5 Radiology Doctors.

    This job will give me $4,000 per year toward tution and there are also scholarships available. This is an ideal situation for me. Now if the mailman would just bring me my acceptance letter I could go on with the rest of my plan.
  9. by   me+education=nurse?
    Does anyone know how old you have to be to volunteer at most hospitals? And what kinds of things can volunteers do? I will be 16 in August [I know that's kinda young] but I would much rather learn the ins and outs of hospitals than be flipping burgers at Micky D's. I am really great with kids [I have 8 siblings] and I would be willing to do almost anything. Any tips would be great.
  10. by   LUXOR21
    At the Children's Hospital where I am employed you have to be 16 to volunteer. Go for it!:spin:
  11. by   Lindie
    I currently work full-time as a real estate assistant. I've been working here for 7 years and hope to continue to work here on a part-time basis once I get into Nursing school.
  12. by   PreNurseKirk
    I got my first degree in graphic design back in 98. I have been working for a large ad agency for over seven years now. It was here that I discovered the world of advertising was not for me...and decided to pursue a health care career. I have been taking classes since last Jan 06.

    I quit the corporate world last October and have lucked out ever since. My old job has used me on a freelance basis since I quit. The pay is double and the headaches are half, I am my own boss, and make my own schedule. I plan to keep the gig as long as I can...through nursing school and beyond.

    I also just started my own business and have just started some self-promo within my home-town. Just got my first call and project last week. Pretty exciting and scary! I want the business, but am so busy with everything else I am not sure I can juggle it all.

    Life will seem so easy when all this slows down and I can focus on one thing alone!
  13. by   tarnished_angel66
    Im currently a STNA, ive done private care and worked in assisted living and i think the STNA job is the most hands on and really gives you a good view of all aspects of being a nurse.