1. I'm battling perfectionism and I truly wish I could Let it go and be happy with a b. I'm a borderline A in anatomy and chemistry and its driving me crazy!
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  3. by   Saysfaa
    Are you venting or did you want advise on how to do it?
  4. by   calinursestudent818
    Whats keeping you from that A? If you have a few tests until end of the term why not put all your energy into getting A's on your next few tests? Own that A girlfriend! You can do it!
  5. by   Austincb
    I really want an A, I make an A on the quizzes and B on my exams. It's really frustrating I'm not sure what else to change. I need an 86 on my next quiz and exam to keep the a in anatomy and an 89 on my last 2 exams and quizzes in chemistry
  6. by   Compassion_x
    I know how you feel. It's so frustrating to be SO CLOSE to that A!!! I have 91.5% in one of my classes and it's frustrating that I am 3% away from an A! I'm hoping to get there before the semester the end of next week.
  7. by   SopranoKris
    I think we feel so much pressure to get A's because of the competitive nature of admissions to nursing programs. I was freaking out that I might have a B in my Human Growth & Development class. So far, I've got a 4.0 in my pre-reqs and an overall GPA of 3.8. I was worried that the B was going to drop me too low to get the full 80 points for GPA on the admissions application.

    I know how you feel though. I'm a perfectionist in many ways and it really irritates me when I don't get an A in something and I'm SO CLOSE to that A, too (3 points away...aarrgghh!!) Just do your best, study well and try to RELAX when you take your test. You might get that A never know

    And I keep trying to tell B isn't going to kill me. I know it's hard being so close to that A, but put it all in the big picture and you'll feel better about it

    Good luck on your last quiz & test!!!!
  8. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I completely understand because I am them same way lol. I am currently in nursing school and in one class, I had an 89.8% (B+) and I was soo irritated because it is soo close to an A. I was so happy to see that my school rounded it off on my transcript.
  9. by   Graduation2016
    At the ended the day, we must remember that our GPA won't matter when it comes to the NCLEX. Many students with 4.0 GPA's fail and/or just don't bring it when it comes to patient care. don't be so hard on yourself!
  10. by   Austincb
    I just want to excel in school AND in nursing! Luckily for me we grade on a 10 point scale. I'm so ready for this semester to be OVER
  11. by   maddiem
    I know how you feel...I was on pins an needles waiting to see my final grade for A&P 2. I was borderline and was only a few points away from an A when I took my final lab practical. Thankfully I studied my butt off for that exam for 3 days and got the highest grade in the class and got my A for a final grade! Study hard It will pay off!
  12. by   Austincb
    Yes I will! It's just hard because I have a chemistry exam and an anatomy quiz on Friday. My a&p exam is Wed but I will put more weight into a&p for sure since it gets me points!
  13. by   Austincb
    Oh and congrats on all of your hard work, where there's a will :/