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  1. So far, I'm applying to two nursing schools (Philips Beth Israel SoN, and Long Island College Hospital SoN) which require the same admission essay. I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on how to write a really good essay. Thanks in advance!

    (Also, if I registered for an NLN exam for March 17, do you think the schools will get my scores in time for the April deadline?)
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  3. by   BellasMommyOBRN
    just be honest. don't tell them anything that you think they want to hear.
    in my essay, i mentioned how my grandmother was a nurse (as well as many of my aunts) and how it just "grew up" with me. i tried to give the admissions committee a good idea about my passion for this field, and why i had that passion in the first place.

    good luck!!
  4. by   nursefor2011
    Oh wow, I was gonna write something similar. My mother is a nurse and she really inspires me. We also lived in a hospital residential building surrounded by clinics, and three other hospitals, so I've always been exposed to it. I didn't think that it would be an appropriate essay idea, but thanks for clearing that up for me!
  5. by   Carrig RN
    In my essay I talked about how my grandmother was a neonatal nurse and how much she loved her job and how happy it made her. And then I talked about how I spent a great deal of time with her while she was in the hospital following multiple heart surgeries and how she was always so positive and how inspirational she has been to me. And then I talked about how hard my mom had to work to help my brother and me get through private school and to college despite being a single mother and how she taught me that education is always worth the difficulty. In my opinion, the more personal you can make it the better. They really want to know about what makes you tick.
  6. by   jesseM
    Found a sample nursing admission essay for you. Hope this helps.
  7. by   nocheapones
    I wrote about my experiences as a patient (giving birth to my kids, having a stillborn, blood clots after surgery), how important the nurses were to my recovery, and how that inspired me to want to do the same for other people. Of course, I don't know if I got in or not yet, so I don't really know if it was a good thing LOL.
  8. by   bluechick112
    Hi! I wrote about my experience in volunteer and my experience in my CNA class. I also talked about my Mom who started taking nursing classes after an abusive marriage with an infant (me!) and no prior college/work experience. I had everyone in my family read it and offer suggestions for improvement. It must have been good since I got in with a pretty poor GPA!
  9. by   jjean331
    hey would anyone like to read my admission's letter and give me their feedback?
  10. by   jourdand
    Can anyone post their essays so that I can get an idea?
  11. by   cdelle15
    Hey bluechick, what school did you apply to, if i may ask?
  12. by   cdelle15
    i need to find a school asap