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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   carebear1976
    Quote from Natingale
    I took the NLN at the college the test date was available to meet my deadline. I had the scores sent to the colleges I applied to (its done step by step when you register to take the exam). Since I was already taking it at College "T" I figured why not apply there.

    I dont know how bad you are at math, but I suck and I did well. Theres one correct answer, if youre not sure about the problem try using the answers to figure it out --make sense? The math was very basic algebra, decimals, fractions. questions like "what is 20 percent of N" is over of equals percent over 100 -- remember that?

    If i confused you, i apologized I just got home and Im dead tired but I couldnt help but answer someone in need.

    Thanks for helping, Natingale! I appreciate it! I am verrrrrry bad at math. Anything beyond basic addition and subtraction, & I might as well forget it. I took a trip to Borders Books today to see if they had an NLN study book, and they did not. I did get two books though--"Painless Fractions" and "Painless Algebra". I think they will help me a lot. I don't know percentages either (at all)--but I didn't see any books on that.:stone

    Thanks again!
  2. by   lullaby
    I just took the NLN and am so relieved! I got a composite score of 126 and percentile of 89%!

    This is much better than I had expected, I was just praying for at least a 100!

    So now I am just hoping this will get me into my program, I needed a 100 to qualify.

    Now I can relax a bit
  3. by   vegasmedic
    congrats!!!!! thats a great score. i just got accepted into my program. good luck to you all.
  4. by   lullaby
    Quote from lullaby
    I just took the NLN and am so relieved! I got a composite score of 126 and percentile of 89%!

    This is much better than I had expected, I was just praying for at least a 100!

    So now I am just hoping this will get me into my program, I needed a 100 to qualify.

    Now I can relax a bit
    i just got my acceptance letter late last night! i just got back from Jamaica for my best friends wedding and received the letter when i got home!

    I am SO happy, it's been a really hard journey getting into a nursing program in NYC as many of you know.

    I will be starting at Touro College on June 23rd.

    I am so happy! now comes the real hard work. :uhoh21:

  5. by   new2nursing2
    Where did you take your NLN exam? Also, did you use the Mary McDonald study guide edition 2? I took the test last year and did not get in just wanted some study tips or how you went about preparing for the test and what you score was.
  6. by   new2nursing2
    Where did you take your test? How did you go about preparing for the test? I took it last year but did not get in because I only received a 29 in the vocab/reading comprehension part. I am re-taking it next month. I got a 29 reading, 42 in math, and 30 in science. So, I did horrible in my opinion. I am week in math and did very cood considering there are 54 questions in the math portion. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did pick up the vocabularies for dummies book which has helped me alot.
  7. by   Kylea
    I know this thread is kinda old, but I am just so excited! I took my NLN on 12AUG08 and I was freaking out when I walked out of the room.... I was sure I did horribly. I got my results today and I got 146 composite score/ 98 percentile!!! YAY!
  8. by   aminaasad
    hey its never too late reply to a thread congratulationsand im sure you will wonderful in nursing school. im goin into my 2nd semester so i have 1 more yr to go. cant wait to be nurse.
  9. by   Lizard3
    I got my scores and did better than I thought. Since there were 80 questions in verbal and science, but only 60 counted I did better than I thought.( BTW, as a teacher, adding 20 extra questions to a high stakes test does not seem to be a very good idea). Anway I did fine and now need to pass Algebra!
  10. by   Roxy0628
    Hi everyone,

    I just started my pre-reqs and I have to eventually take the NLN exam before I apply. I have been taking the practice test in the study guide and I am freaking out because I am scoring horrible on the tests!! Did you guys begin this way also? I need some words of motivation At my college they only allow you to take it twice in a single year so if I don't do well it'll post-pone my being able to apply. Any advice on good study tips? (FYI - I heard it was similar to the ACTs?) Is that true? If so I did awful on those too!!

  11. by   jaeldanielle
    dear roxy0628
    you can't really study for the english lit portion, short of reading the dictionary.
    make sure you are strong in the algebra section. that is perhaps the most important part of the exam (in terms of real life). find a tutor and spend a few hours going over all the math questions in the book. well worth the money since if you pass HIGH on the first attempt, it will surely bode well for your access into the program. the science is def hard, but what i did was spend 2 solid weeks studying each day. i did every single one of the tests again and again until i got them perfect. not by memorization, but by understanding. you need to THINK how they are asking the questions in the reading section. you need to KNOW how to do ALL the algebra questions, they are not hard if you get help with them. and the science... well, some of it you'll know and some you'll just have to deduce or memorize. but you will def see a few of the questions from the practice book on the exam, so every one counts.
    be SURE to watch the clock. do not leave one single box unchecked. if you have a hard questions, don't dally on it - note it and continue and go back to it.
    just to give you some confidence - it's been 17 yrs since i went to high school (and this is my first go-around at college) and i thought i bombed the test. i cried all the way home... turns out i scored in the 98th percentile and got into nursing school (am now in 3rd sem). so, just study that book inside out. that's all i did, as well as get a math tutor and i aced the math section (def not the science, tho!) all the best!
  12. by   Johnny_B
    I studied the PRE-NLN study book in the bookstore, however I hear the gold (thick) one available from Borders and Amazon is much better. I lucked out in that I had lots of physics, quite a bit of math, some electrical engineering background and the vocabulary was not as tough as I expected.

    The single biggest help to doing well, I believe, is to relax and be very calm. Also it is good to have eaten within an hour before the exam. Other peoples advice about learning basic algebra and working with fractions works well.
  13. by   keekeedt
    I took the NLN Dec 16th. I studied, but I guess not hard enough. I scored in the 78th percentile with a composite of 112. I believe I did horrible seeing that hundreds apply and only 60 are accepted per semester. The school I go to selects the top 60 scores on the NLN and doesn't consider your grades in any of your biology classes. This has not discouraged me though. I do have to wait 6 months to take the test again though, so I have plenty of study time. I also need to get my CNA license because it is becoming a requirement as of Fall 2009. I am praying that I get into the program in January 2010.