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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   nessa1980
    That was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! 151?????????? Im soooo jealous! Seriously, you should be extremely proud of yourself!! I think that you'll definitely get in with that score!
    Hopefully I'll get mine soon!! I missed 20 questions on the verbal as i thought there was only 60 instead of 80, so im expecting horrible results. All the same, im dying to get them!!! Will keep you posted!
    Again, CONGRATULATIONS!! Ive never heard of anyone getting such a great score! :spin:
  2. by   JDLAStew
    I'll be out of town but I'll try to check in Batman. Let us know as soon as you get your scores! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    And oh my at 151. Crazy good!
  3. by   GottaGetIn
    DoGood2U, Arent you from NH? Where are you applying, to the techs?

    Your score is very good, too. I think you're in w/ scores like that, too!
  4. by   DoGood2u
    Thanks for saying that. I've been thinking that I must be invisible! LOL

    Yes, I'm from NH. I have applied to Stratham, Manchester and NHTI. Since I live in Concord, NHTI would be my first choice......only a 7 minute drive.
    I got a letter from Manchester two days ago letting me know what credits would transfer. I had to call them to ask them to reconsider a couple of classes. What was great was they gave me credit for humanities from almost 30 years ago because of my high GPA last semester. Less time and money for me.
  5. by   JDLAStew
    Sorry if you felt invisible DoGood...148 is awesome. In fact, from what I've heard so far, a 148 is the highest reported score at my school. I guess I overlooked your posts. I'm sorry and congrats ...with that score, you've got to get in.
  6. by   chococroissant
    Hi DoGood2U! I read your post and sorry for the late reply!!!!

    I think 148 is awesome. If im not mistaken its 98-99%s. Most schools would be more than happy especially with your current high GPA! Schools love GPAs that increase in trend!

    I hope you get into the school thats 7 min away (NHTI)!!

    Good luck!
  7. by   nessa1980
    Hi DoGood2U!
    I never saw your post at all with your score. 148 is fantastic!!! I could only hope to get a score like that. CONGRATULATIONS!!! U should be dead proud! :spin:
  8. by   Batman24
    Congrats DoGood2U!! Awesome scores!! :hatparty:
  9. by   Batman24
    Nessa...did you get your scores yet?! I didn't get mine and it is now Day 15. Lovely. I will be calling my school and the NLN tomorrow.
  10. by   JDLAStew
    I feel your pain Batman.....waiting is the HARDEST!!!!! Let us know ASAP!
  11. by   shippoRN
    Batman: You seem to be experiencing the same thing I did when i was waiting for mine.....Im sure you did great!
  12. by   Batman24
    Thanks for all the support everyone!! :spin:

    I called my school today and they verified that no one that took it on 3/3 has their scores as of yet. They told us 2 weeks originally, but now say it could be 3-4 weeks. I am to call again next Monday so they can check and see if my scores are there. If I don't get them in the mail and the school receives them we can show identification and get them through the Admissions Dept. Whole lotta drama for some scores. I WANT THEM NOW!!
  13. by   JDLAStew
    Eww girl so sorry. Don't fret...I bet you did awesome!!