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I have taken the NET test once and did not score high enough for the RN program at my college but did fine for the LPN progam. Our test are given on the computer, but there is also the pencil/paper... Read More

  1. by   maximus76
    You know how when you call them first they ask you which state you are calling from and then transfer you, maybe it varies from state to state... i dont know, but thats what i've been told. If there are additions and subtractions, thats even better

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    I just took it a few weeks ago and there was definitely addition and subtraction on it.
  2. by   maximus76
    thank you so much for the detailed response,
    i think for the school i am hoping to get, they do paper based NET and i kind of like that idea
  3. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*

    You are very welcome. I just hope that it all helped you. When are you looking at taking your test? Be sure to let me know how you did on it, okay?

    Good luck~
  4. by   JBGC4
    Hey-there is a study guide??? My school said they were wanting to get one together. But I come here to find you can get one online ;-). Where should I go?
  5. by   Slimlady727

    i have to take the net for 2 schools i applied to. im debating on taking it in september or october. how much time did many of you study before you decided to take the test?
  6. by   Slimlady727
    Quote from jbgc4
    hey-there is a study guide??? my school said they were wanting to get one together. but i come here to find you can get one online ;-). where should i go?
    here is the link to eri's site. they are the publishers of the exam.
  7. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi Slim,

    I just looked over it for a couple of hours for several days, mainly to brush up on my math. I had been out of school almost 20 years and was very unsure of my math. The NET study guide (in my opinion) just really didn't seem to offer much help in the way of preparedness. That is why I have posted the websites on here. I felt like the $30 I shelled out for the study guide was a HUGE waste of money. I didn't know of any websites prior to taking my test (every search that I did for the NET come up to the ERI site) so when I saw the HFCCLAB site posted on here and saw how good it was, I started posting it also. I am in no way afiliated with that college, matter of fact, don't even know anything about it or where it is, but they have done a great job with the practice tests and preparing one to take the test.
  8. by   catalinaa21
    Hi all,

    I called the school I am applying to and they told me they give the written version of the NET and that it has a math, reading, grammer and science portion. I know what to expect and study for the math and reading but what about the grammer and science? Apparently the minimum score required is 55% composite score but they take the highest scores first. There are also three other parts but she didnt mention what they were. I'm worried already and the test is amonth away. Please help
  9. by   JBGC4
    This is how my school catagorized the NET:

    ENGLISH: spelling, grammer, contextual words, sentence structure
    MATH: Integers, (subtraction, addition, multiplication, division) whole numbers; fractions, decimals, percents, pattern recognition, word problems
    READING: paragragh and passage comprehension, drawing inferences and conclusions, graph, chart

    I just went to Borders and bought the Cliff'sTestPrep Nursing School Entrance Exam. It was 15 bucks so it wasn't too bad. I have been thumbing through it and it seems to be very thorough although more info. than I really need. It has practice tests along w/ all exercises. They share the website for downloads:
  10. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi catalinaa,

    Here is some infor about the NET that I copied off of my website about the NET. This is what is including:

    There are various sections on the NET that you will be tested on. Most schools, though, ONLY look at the Reading and Math portion, not any of the rest. Why the rest is on there, I have no clue, but it is. So, here are the portions that you will test over (at least from my actual test!!!) and what they contain:
    • Critical Thinking Appraisal
      Inferential Reading
      Main Idea of Passage
      Predicting of Outcomes
    • Learning Style
    • Math Skills
      Algebra Equations
      Decimal Operations
      Fraction Operations
      Number Systems Conversions
      Percentage Operations
    • Reading
    Reading Rate per Minute
    Reading Percentile Rank
    Reading Level
    • Stress Level Profile
      Work Place
    • Topics (Science)
      Anatomy & Physiology
      Cellular Biology
      Testtaking Skills
    • Written Expression
      Pronoun Case and Principle Parts of Irregular Verbs
      Correct Sentence Structure
      Relative Pronouns of Standard Usage
      Spelling Demons
      Subject & Verb Agreement

    Hope this helps some.
  11. by   maximus76

    i just got my results for the NET,
    math 97%
    reading 79%
    and the composite is 88%,
    what do you think, is it good (I hope)
    thank you very much for your help and for the links!
  12. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi maximus,

    Way to go on the math portion!! That is awesome! The reading is good too, considering what kind of a test it is! I think that the overall composite score is great. I know that some at my school made right at a 60-65% on the reading and still got in.

    So what did you think about the reading? It doesn't seem that hard, but when you get the results and see the actual score, it is depressing!! But, we passed. That is all that matters. And believe it or not, the reading is similar to nursing reading. It is a whole different ball game. We have our first 3 tests next week, so I will see how it goes!!

    Congrats on passing the NET!!