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My class starts on June 1st. Its a 10 week long semester and I'm taking it along with A&P II and General Psych. Thought I would start this thread since I know a few others have to be taking it this... Read More

  1. by   lightsnoise
    A few days left...almost done with this!!! This class is very relevant btw...I seriously wash my hands now lol..
  2. by   In2Win
    This is my last week of a 4 week summer Micro course. I've gotten an A on each of our tests so far but I still have the final exam to go. I'm so glad there's a light at the end of this tunnel & it's not a train :chuckle.
  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    I am so ready for this semester to be over on the 9th. I still have a 5 page term paper, 4 quizzes, a lab, lab quiz and an exam to do by then, ugh. Its so close I can taste it!!
  4. by   MsKaz
    I passing my lab with an A so far but I am so very bad in the lecture so I am going to take the lecture part over since I am not satisfied with my grade. Can anyone from MA refer a more microbiology class lecture to me or even a online school?
  5. by   lightsnoise
    So stoked, just finished--I needed 45% on the final for an A and I killed that test...very interesting and relevant course I must add.
  6. by   Brighten
    micro in 6 weeks = hella easier than doing it for 16 weeks (would be hella boring I would assume and a drag). I loved how fast it goes.
  7. by   sparky99
    Finished 8 week Micro with an A...huge sigh of relief! I feel a little sad, though, because what could have been and should have been an interesting class turned into a nightmare. I started out thinking our little drill sargeant teacher was just trying to give us a taste of nursing school boot camp and ended up thinking she had some major personal issues and needs some kind of help. I don't mind a teacher presenting challenging material and setting high standards for a class, I do want to get my money's worth for my classes, just hope the N program instructors aren't all somewhat unbalanced.
  8. by   i<3u
    Quote from Piglet68
    I am taking my class at Montgomery County Community College. So far so good. I have had three test and I have a low A high B in the class and I am now past mid-point.

    The labs are excellent. We are actually doing things and looking at stuff under the microscope. I am definitely a handwasher but I have not been to concerned about getting anything as we work in an aseptic atmospher. Three weeks left then A&P II and then I am done with my pre-reqs!
    Hi piglet 68,

    I plan to take microbiolgy this upcoming summer at MC. Who was your professor?
  9. by   cacna09
    Quote from nursoon
    my mistake, 5 weeks, here is what it looks like.

    Jun 2 Chapter 1 History of Microbiology
    3 Chapter 4 Prokaryotes
    4 Chapter 5 Eukaryotes
    8 Chapter 6 Viruses
    9 Chapter 7 Microbial nutrition & growth
    10 Chapter 9 Microbial genetics
    11 TEST I
    15 Chapter 11 Physical/Chemical control
    Chapter 12 Chemotherapy
    16 Chapter 13 Microbe/Host Interactions
    17 Chapter 14 Non-specific defenses
    18 Chapter 15 Specific defenses
    22 Chapter 16 Disorders in immunity
    23 Chapter 22 Infections of the GI Tract
    24 TEST II
    25 Chapter 20 Infections of the Vascular System
    29 Chapter 19 Infections of the Nervous System
    30 Chapter 21 Infections of the Respiratory Tract

    July 1 Chapter 23 Infections of the Genitourinary Tract
    2 Chapter 18 Infections of the Skin/Eyes
    6 Chapter 25 Applied Microbiology
    7 TEST III
    Thanks so much for sharing b/c it gave us some ideas what the class will covered, very helpful!!