Laptop or desktop

  1. Did/does anyone use a computer for their classes to take notes during lecture? I am contiplating buying my own computer. Do you recommend I buy a laptop or a desktop? what are the pros and cons? I ask about the notes because one girl in my class uses hers to take notes during class.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I just got a laptop (i also have a desktop), so here's the pros and cons of the laptop.

    You can take it anywhere.

    It has be priceless to me since i started school (and i bought it with the intention of using in in clinicals a few semesters down the road). We do a LOT of stuff online, and the laptop has afforded me the ability to work on school stuff when i'm away form home.

    Takes up less space.

    Batteries do not have that long of a chargelife. And if you're connected to the net, expect the battery to be drained quickly.

    The keyboards are typically very flat, which can aggravate carpal tunnel (propping a book under one edge helped this).

    No matter how quietly you can type, it can still be an annoying distraction to others in class to eve hear the slightest tappity-tappity-tap-tap-tap.
  4. by   maliat
    My last two computers were laptops. Love it. Can haul it around with me everywhere. From my bedroom to the living room or across the country.

    It really depends on the class on whether you want to take notes with your laptop. I did it for a sociology class this summer and liked it. I was thinking of doing it this semester for Micro, but it just did not work out. My instructor draws lots of pictures/diagrams that we need to copy down. She even asks questions on the quizes that requires us to draw things like a cell wall.

    So that's my two cents.
  5. by   shyone2005
    laptop is's also great when you need to study and feeling kind of lazy... just lay down on your bed with the laptop right in front of you...
    and oh yeah, when you are studying those hundreds of questions for the nclex, laptop can be very helpful...
  6. by   Faeriewand
    When I took Anatomy/Physiology1 over the summer many students had laptops and took notes while the teacher lectured. The teacher had us all buy a flash drive (its a stick that goes into his computer and you download the whole lecture which was done in Power POint) then the students with laptops got to download it right away on their laptop in class. The rest of us waited until we got home to download on our home computer. Many students saw the advantage of owning a laptop and bought one. Those with laptops were able to lable the real pictures of human anatomy that were on the lecture Power Point.

    In every class at the college I"ve seen students with laptops taking notes. They say its easier on their hands than writing them.

    I'm going to get a laptop myself when I get a job to be able to pay for one.
  7. by   casi
    I don't think I could use a laptop for note taking in class. I would get to distracted and find myself playing solitare half way through the lecture knowing me, but I do plan on buying a laptop sometime soon. It just seems so convienent. I can take it just about everywhere with me. No more rushing home to work on a paper.
  8. by   schoolgirl2006
    I just purchased a laptop for school in January. I debated between the two as well, but the school made that decision for me...the nursing program here requires you to have one. I think I would've gone this route anyway...mainly because I find the computer easier to keep notes and such organized. Plus, I type much faster than I write, and there's a better chance I'll be able to read what I wrote if it's on a computer screen!!! As for the "tickity tick" sounds from the keyboard, mine makes very little noise.

    Before buying ANY computer, make sure your school doesn't require you to have a laptop. If they do, get the specifics. You don't want to spend a bunch of money on a computer to find out the first day that you didn't get the right one or are missing certain programs. ~~ Best of luck!!
  9. by   Someday-C.R.N.A.
    I bought my first computer (desktop) a little over a year ago. I love it. I set up the spare bedroom with a computer desk, another table (I like to have a lot of elbow room), a recliner, and a mini-fridge. My little study palace!

    The desktop is great, but it's kinda stationary. As comfortable as I have tried to make my study room, I'm sure I'll get sick of being stuck in there soon enough.

    SO...........When I quit smoking, I decided to make good use of the money I would be saving. I set up a loan with the repayment amount equalling what I was spending on smokes. The first thing I did with the "smoke" money was to buy a Dell Inspiron 9300 (laptop). The rest of it will be for books and tuition.

    My laptop is what is considered a "desktop replacement", meaning it is pretty powerful, etc. If you decide to get a laptop, get as much as you can afford. The Dells are kinda spendy, but I liked being able to pick and choose what MINE would have. Make sure you get one with a MOBILE processor. These are much more energy efficient. (battery life)

    Wireless router - gotta have it!! I use my laptop WAY more than I use my desktop now. (I'm laying on my bed at the moment - and totally wireless). I can go anywhere in the house, or even out in the yard if I choose. (Or any "hot spot" - school, coffee shop, etc.) As for in class, I'm not sure. But I know I won't be able to do that with my desktop!

    So I've been rambling. Take your time and shop wise!! (Laptops are cool!!)

    Good Luck! :wink2:
  10. by   casi
    Quote from Someday-C.R.N.A.
    So I've been rambling. Take your time and shop wise!! (Laptops are cool!!)
    Good Luck! :wink2:
    Okay you said shop wise. As i'm looking at a new computer right now, what is a wise choice. I've been looking around, but they all look the same to me. Keyboard, monitor, and a lot of fancy terms that I'm sure mean something important. Any advice what to look for and whats considered good?

    Can ya believe I choose nursing as major because it didn't require any computer classes?
  11. by   Someday-C.R.N.A.
    Shopping wise.............Lots of factors to think about.

    Budget is a major concern, obviously.

    If you would like to PM me your computer budget and any particular needs and wants, I could probably round up a few options for you.
  12. by   Jessy_RN
    I have been wanting a laptop forever now. Can't afford one just yet, but the one's who DO own one at school swear by it. My school has announced that in the future (probably when I am old and gray), they will be providing them for the nursing students.

    Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas.LOL!