Is this class Never going to end???

  1. Have you had classes that seemed to drag on endlessly even though you consider the subject matter interesting? Or any classes that seemed to fly by? Tell us more...

    Right now I feel like I'm never going to finish A&P II even though the final is May 11. I consider it a challenging class but have a good grade so far. Not sure why now it makes me want to tear hair out and run screaming into the night. I'm really hoping the actual nursing program classes won't affect me this way...
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  3. by   PBPointer
    I am in college algebra feeling the same way. OMG!!!
    I pretty much sleep with my textbook
  4. by   sparky99
    Heehee! PB, hope you and your textbook have a short but fruitful relationship!
  5. by   PBPointer
    I just feel bad for the person who buys it from me.

    I keep hoping I learn through some kind of osmosis
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I felt the same way in AP 1 thats while instead of taking AP 2 in four months ( one semester) I took AP 2 in 8 weeks and got an A. That was challenging but well worth it ! The good thing about nursing school is that most classes ( or atleast mine) are in 7-8 week increments.

    It still doesn't seem short enough LOL ! I must admit time does fly once finals are coming around !
  7. by   SierraMoon
    I wish both my classes were over. They're fine, I'm doing fine in them, but I want out. I want to go play!
  8. by   BellasMommyOBRN
    i can't wait for this semester to be over. i have been so stressed lately with making the grades and starting a new job......did i mention i have an 20 month old? ugh. i have 5 canker sores in my mouth [[ouch! always get them when im stressed!]]. stick a fork in me, i'm done!! lol
  9. by   Calinurse4
    I'm over this semester! Anatomy is fine, but I am so tired of microbiology. 4 more weeks...4 more seems like it dragging!
  10. by   zeppzepp2009
    I am taking Sociology and THANK THE LORD it is over next Tuesday. I swear I would rather stick a pen in my eye than go to that class!
  11. by   completely_different
    I am also in classes I wish were over, I was in the middle of moving towns this semester so in order to keep my financial aide I had to pick up all online classes...boring and very difficult. And I am so glad they are over on the 14th of May.
  12. by   Cilantrophobe
    I think for me the reason why the end of the semester can't come soon enough is because I can't apply to the nursing program until I finish CHM 101. But I love my classes and I love my teachers and I have managed to hang on to my 4.0 GPA throughout the past 38 credits!!!

    Only 2 more weeks as of tomorrow. I am SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish sanity for everyone
  13. by   PurposebyDesign
    My Psychology101 class is soo boring , I cant wait for it to be done. I hope that Human Growth and Development are'nt as bad.
  14. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    I cant wait untill English is over with...I just turned in an 11 page research paper!!