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  1. completely_different

    A & P 1 Spring 2010

    Well this stinks, I am going to have to drop A&P1 I think, threw out my back and it's not the first time. Rethinking about going into Nursing now, so I will be gracious and give my spot to someone who can use it. Good luck to all of you.
  2. completely_different

    A & P 1 Spring 2010

    I was shocked how close I came to not getting into my classes as well; I met quite a few people in line who were trying to get into the same class. My school only offered 4 A&P1 classes.
  3. completely_different

    Anyone applying in 2011

    At this point, I am planning on applying for Spring 2011 entrance. I am actually excited...I can't wait! :dance:
  4. completely_different

    A & P 1 Spring 2010

    I was going to take A&P1 last semester but put it off, I am now signed up and ready to go for this semester. I tell you though I was sweating bullets, I almost didn't get into it.
  5. completely_different

    Informatics Nursing?

    I have also been researching Nursing Informatics, check out this forum https://allnurses.com/nursing-informatics/ ; lots of wonderful information as well as experts in the field.
  6. completely_different

    Just wanted to introduce myself!

    I also am new here. My name is Yvonne, I am a 40 year old stay at home mom with teenagers (18, 16 and 13) (and they still won't leave me alone when I study ), I have been attending college since 2005, and have decided to switch my major to prenursing recently. I will be able to apply for the Nursing program in the Spring of 2010.
  7. completely_different

    Who is taking A&P I in the fall?

    Taking A&P1 in the fall as well, along with Chem and Math, oh and here you need mathematics for nursing before you can apply, so that is on the schedule as well.
  8. completely_different

    Is this class Never going to end???

    I am also in classes I wish were over, I was in the middle of moving towns this semester so in order to keep my financial aide I had to pick up all online classes...boring and very difficult. And I am so glad they are over on the 14th of May. :dance: