Is anyone else freaking?

  1. I feel like I am the only psycho paranoid one.

    Honselty though, I'm dying! I can't handle waiting any longer for letters and I probably won't start getting them until the end of March the earliest.

    I hate just sitting and waiting. My fate is in the hands of others now and it sucks the big one!
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  3. by   lisabeth
    Here's all I can say as to how I am handeling it. I did my best in every class I took!!! I am thinking positive about things, and just continuing to focus on Micro as well as stay busy with friends, etc. I dont sit and think about it. When I start thinking about it, I get up and get busy.
    Try to think positive and stay busy.
  4. by   medhead
    Me, me, me! The waiting game is the worst!!!! Much worse (for me anyway) than worrying about whether the letter I receive is a rejection or an acceptance letter. I can handle the rejection as I already have planned out courses of action should that be the outcome... I just want to know exactly what it is that I'll be doing in the Fall...working on a minor degree while I go through the application process again or starting nursing school! Just 1-2 more weeks. I'm too dang anxious!
  5. by   cad4296
    Me too! I have an interview this past tuesday and now I've done all I can! It's in God's hands now so I just sit and wait and prepare myself for the worst! What's really bad is that I completed all possible courses I could take last semester so no school or anything to keep my mind of things! :uhoh21: So am I going crazy....ABSOLUTELY!!!! I'm trying not to think about it, but the harder I try not to think about it, the more I keep thinking about it! Even worse everyone keeps asking like everyday if I've heard anything yet! It will be end of March earliest that we would hear anything. I really don't think I'll get in though. They interviewed 450 of the best and have to cut that down to 120. I'm not a perfect 4.0 so I'm really preparing for bad news....
  6. by   callalily32
    I am completely obsessing about getting accepted! Until I get that letter in my hand, I will think about nothing else it seems!!! (Or maybe I'm just ready to get out of this cubicle and start school.)
  7. by   shippoRN
    I just got my scores from the pre-entrance exam yesterday, so now my real waiting begins, and its not even for a letter, its for a phone call to say come in and interview, no interview means no apceptance as far as my school is concerned. I only applied to one school. Waiting sucks!
  8. by   GottaGetIn
    So it seems like we're all in the same boat. Maybe we can keep each other sane for the next month or two. I think it will be theraputic for me to come to this post every day and complain and whine.:uhoh21:

    Honestly, no one around here understands my stress and I think they might be getting sick of me talking about it. SO, if you guys get sick of my daily rants, just ignore me.
  9. by   Halv1326
    I'll jump in this boat!! I have no idea when the school is going to contact me and feel like a goofy little kid checking the mail box everyday. I should probably just sit back and enjoy the ride, but I'm goin nutso wanting to know if I got in. Plus, with a May start, there is a ton of stuff I could be getting done, like getting my family ready to move!!! AAARRRRGGG!
  10. by   AggieQT
    Oh I feel yalls pain... I am right there with ya... waiting and waiting and waiting... I keep going to the websites of the two schools I applied to and signing in to see if there is any status change... yesterday I got an email that my application had been processed... at least it didnt get lost somewhere... but the wait is SERIOUSLY killing me!!!

    But get this... one of the schools I applied to changed face and now has a rolling admissions!!!! Crazy?!?! So it could be as soon as 2 weeks and up to 4 months... they are accepting them as they come... 12 have already been notified out of 120... my heart does a lil twitter thinking about it....

    I really need to get my mind off of it before I go crazy!!!!
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  11. by   Asherah
    Yeah, I'm stuck here with you all as well....UCLA first told us mid-March and then late-March! I wish I had the luxury of a status website rather than a letter of ambiguous size appearing in my mailbox one of these days (over a month from now!). :uhoh21:
  12. by   Cherish
    Well I applied in October (to only 1 school) and just got my letter today. I'm in!

    Don't do like me and apply to only one school...That's even more stress!

    It's a long dreaded wait! But everyone goes through it you will be fine and anxious lol but everything will be fine.

    Keep ya head up
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  13. by   AggieQT
    CONGRATS!!!!! (I'm so jealous )
  14. by   MIKelly
    I have to wait till the end of March/early April too and I'm worried that if I actually do get in, I won't remember any of the A&P stuff I learned last semester :uhoh21: ! It's a bit nervewracking!