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  1. I am taking an internet class for the first time this semester. It is Psychology 210 - Developmental Psychology. It is not a prerequisite to get into nursing, but I will need to take it in order to graduate so I thought I would go ahead and get it out of the way. I am also taking A&P2 this semester and working full time so I did not want to take anything too intense since A&P is so all consuming.

    I would love to hear peoples experiences with internet classes. At this point I am not even sure how it works. I have e-mailed the teacher but have not heard back from her yet. Class does not start for another two weeks. I have bought the book, but have not started reading yet.
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  3. by   lisabeth
    I know a few people who love internet classes and take them whenever possible. I personally wouldnt do well with that kind of setting, not because I'm not motivated, but because I like to be in that classroom setting and being around people.
    I think they are good for people who have small children and no childcare options.
    Good luck with it. I am sure you will hear from the instructor soon.
  4. by   JeanettePNP
    I'm planning on doing all internet classes this upcoming semester. I felt that attending classes was basically a waste of time since I had to spend hours at home reading the book anyway and that's where I did most of my learning. I'm very much an independent learner and I'd rather spare myself the hassles of traveling to and from classes and sitting through lectures that I could just as well figure out myself in my own time. So I think internet classes will be great for me, just haven't started yet. Unfortunately I was a little late getting all my registration forms in so I missed the January term and I'll have to wait until March to start.
  5. by   SummerGarden
    I took Introduction to Psychology and Human Development online. One course was very intense(lots of reading and lots of writing). However I enjoyed it a great deal. The other course had a lot of writing too but it was based on observations and application of reading materials.

    In any case, the intensity of your online course will be based upon the format and structure presented by the instructor or the institution providing the course. Therefore, in order to find out if you are taking a time consuming course, it is best to ask others who have taken that particular course. If you do not know anyone, then it is best to talk to a counselor. Many times he/she has heard complaints and compliments from former students.
  6. by   Jules A
    I've taken a couple of internet classes and really liked them for the easy gen-ed stuff like Growth/Dev, Speech etc. I took Chemistry online during a summer session and nearly bit off more than I could chew but you live and learn I guess. Good luck. Jules
  7. by   2008nurse2b
    I have taken several online classes, and have come to realize that there are some things I need to be in class for, like the things I don't care for. I have to force myself to take any math in class, not that I am bad at just have no interest in. I did an 8 week English online and aced it, this semester since I work FT and have 2 kids and a husband that works nights, and Chemistry is 2 nights a week already, and Algebra on Saturdays, I am taking a 12 week A&P I online, you really have to make sure it is something you will not be completely bored with to succeed online.
  8. by   Pixiesmom
    I have taken Anthropology, Ethics, Medical Terminology, and Humanities through the Arts online. The Humanities class was a killer because I had no interest in it whatsoever, but that's another story.

    I have emailed online instructors prior to the start of class as well. I had to drop an online class on the first day because the teacher stated that you would need to devote 10 hours a week to her class (Intro to Music in America) and I just couldn't see that happening. Give the teacher another week or so to reply, they may be out of the office for the holiday. I know our campus doesn't open up again until this coming Tuesday.

    Things to look for once the class material is available online:
    1) The amount of time the instructor recommends that you devote to the class.

    2) The need for extra's such as flash drives, folder covers (hopefully you will be able to submit all papers via the internet)

    3) Carefully view the syllabus. You don't want to get burned because you turned a paper in using the wrong type of document.

    4) Check if there are actual lecture times. The majority of online classes on my campus do not have lecture times, but there are some that do.

    5) If your online class has a discussion forum be sure to view the instructor's policy on participation. Some expect a minimum of one paragraph of your original thoughts as well as replying to your classmates thoughts.

    6) Proctoring, oh how I hate proctoring. My Humanities instructor only offered two tests and these were taken at the college's proctoring center. This is info that should be in your class syllabus as well as proctoring times. My school had the worst available times for proctoring. Oh did I mention that I loathe proctoring?

    These are just things that I've learned taking online classes and I'm sure that the good people on here will have other thoughts or even different view points because they have attended different schools. Just make sure to schedule time to do your classwork as silly as that sounds. It is nice to sit in your jammies at home and attend class online.
  9. by   NaomieRN
    I think taking A&P 2 and Psy Dev is doable. I took them last spring and did well. I work fulltime.
  10. by   IaCountryGirl
    It might be different for your school then mine. I have a web address that's linked to the college website that I go to and log into what's called WebCT. All my internet classes are listed on the main screen and you click on one to go into it.

    Each of my classes inside had links from the syllabus to grades. All assignments were posted up front so you could view them and even complete them. Discussions were done in message board format. Study guides, lectures, activities were posted in a different sections to further help you understand the material. Quizzes and tests were posted in yet another spot. If any of them have to be monitored, you will simply log into the website at the testing site and the proctor will enter a password so you can start your test. All my assignments were emailed to the instructor through the webct.

    I did have one other class that was internet based but wasn't on the WebCT. It was a stand alone website created by the instructor and had links to the websites of the books we used. IT was a computer class so pretty much all we had to do was print off questions, answer them then do a couple small Windows or Word projects.

    My school sends out an information packet before classes start which include letters from my instructors for the semester. In there it gives more information on where to log in to.

    Internet classes are not for everyone and it can be hard to stay on task. But as long as you commit so much time per week to the reading and assignments, you'll be fine. If you have no trouble reading a textbook and understanding the information, then internet classes are for you. They are nice for me because 1) I hate the traditional class setting because I pick up things faster then others- having to go back for those that don't understand frustrates me to no end. 2) I can log in and do my stuff whatever time of day I like- and if I want to wear pj's, no one knows! 3) If I'm sick, I can skip class without anyone knowing. Some instructors require daily log ins but none of mine did. As long as I completed everything by the due dates, I received full credit.
  11. by   starzzmom
    Wow. Thanks everyone for the advice so far. I have such a crazy situation this semester that the internet class was the best alternative. With work, kids and taking a m/w night class already this was what worked out. I basically feel like I taught myself A&P1 by reading the book so psy should be doable.
  12. by   DaughterofRuth
    I work fulltime and have a looooong commute, so try to take as many internet pre-reqs as possible so my family will still recognize me So far I've taken Eng Comp, College Algebra, and Psych online. As a previous poster said, it depends on how your particular school does it, but mine has a very structured format for online classes. We use and each class has its own section with complete syllabus, assignment listing, discussion section, etc. posted at the start of class. In the Eng and Psych classes there are specific assignments you are expected to complete every week (often 2-3 per week actually) and participation in the discussion is graded. As I took Psych at the same time as Micro (an on-site class), I finished my asssignments and took my final a week early so I could focus on my Micro final. In Algebra and Psych only the mid-term and final exams were taken on-site - the other tests were taken online. There were no tests in Eng Comp so I didn't have to go to campus for that class.

    Algebra was different from the other online courses as it was entirely self-paced. The prof didn't give out homework and the study guide was the syllabus. I heard later that often students would register for that class and the next one, finish the algebra class 1/2 way through the semester and take the final, then start on the next one and finish it before the end of the semester. Too much math for me, but my Micro lab partner did it successfully.

    I think online classes are a blessing for folks like me who can't do a lot of on-site classes, but it does require the ability to focus and procrastination is your worst enemy!
  13. by   RN,BSN84
    Im also taking online classes for the first time in spring 2007. I am very unsure about what im getting myself into.:uhoh21: i have to take ethics, and abnormal psych online. I also might have to take stats online, and it scares me to death. lol, i hope my making the right choice!! Any advice would help!!
  14. by   DaughterofRuth
    Quote from nursing21
    Im also taking online classes for the first time in spring 2007. I am very unsure about what im getting myself into.:uhoh21: i have to take ethics, and abnormal psych online. I also might have to take stats online, and it scares me to death. lol, i hope my making the right choice!! Any advice would help!!
    You CAN DO THIS! As I said previously, procrastination is your deadly enemy here so make a schedule to keep on track in your online classes. I've also found the professors for my online classes to be very helpful so be sure to cultivate a relationship with them. As soon as the syllabus is available, I aways make a point of emailing them introducing myself and try to email them at least once weekly with questions on the material, etc., to keep my name known to them. Remember, they're there to help you succeed! And also remember that you're paying the same tuition for these online classes as others are paying for in-class classes so you deserve to get the same level of education. Online students aren't second class students!

    Good luck