Im In!!!!

  1. Just got news on the phone, I'm in for fall 2007!!!! :hatparty: I am so excited!!!! I'm number 13 out of only 25 students to be accepted this year!!!
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  3. by   Mexarican
    A big congrats shout out to ya!!! Doesn't it feel GOOD to finally be in and under way?!?! Good luck...and if it gets hard along the way just remember how you felt when you got that letter
  4. by   roxxy3773
    Yay! Congratulations! :hatparty:
  5. by   Irene joy
    Congratulations!!!!! That's awesome. Is'nt it nice to know where you're future is headed!
  6. by   oatmeal
    Thank You!! I have worked so hard to get in, I am so proud...thank you
  7. by   GottaGetIn
    You should be proud! Getting into nursing school is quite the accomplishment!

  8. by   starbabyfive
    congratulations!!!!:smiley_aa :biere: :hatparty:
  9. by   Cherish
    Congratulations thats fantastic!!!
  10. by   oatmeal
    everyone is so kind here!! Thank you!!
  11. by   shippoRN
    congrats to you
  12. by   prinsessa
  13. by   tigress_8207
    congratulations.I'm so happy for you and so jealous at the same time.Still waiting on mine.
  14. by   reneemichell