I finally made it in!!!!

  1. :smiley_aa I can't believe it... I got my letter today. After working my seat off I was finally accepted into a local ASN program. I am finishing all of my general education requirements right now and after being declined once, I feel this has been a long time in the waiting. I am soooo... happy!
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  3. by   Catlover2
    Congratulations!! I bet that is a big weight off your shoulders. The waiting is terrible. I am still waiting to find out if I've been accepted--the admissions committee meets next week and I've been told that we would know something by the end of this month. When do you start?

    Good luck!
  4. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    congradulations!!!!!! hurray hurray hurray..such great news!
  5. by   tigress_8207
    Wow Congratulations.Hope you do well.
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    YEAH!!!!!!! Keep the positive vibes flowing!!

    I was rejected for the class that started this Fall and am being considered for the Spring. I hope to know how you feel really soon!!!

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    to jones21498: i would like to congratulate you on being accepted to the nursing program! i completed my associate degree in nursing in may-what a wild ride-it is exciting to get into this field, i have a job waiting as i await the test results for nclex (state boards). way to go!
  12. by   jones21498
    :redpinkhe Thanks for all of the congradulations. I get to start January of 2007. I hope the best for all of those still hoping and working towards their goals.
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    Quote from nurse2b_amy
    congradulations!!!!!! hurray hurray hurray..such great news!
    :yeahthat: whoo-hoo! congrats!
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    That is wonderful news! Congrats