Humanities Elective Credit

  1. OK guys, the program I'm trying to get into requires a Humanities Elective. I'm trying to figure out what class to take to satisfy this requirement, but nothing is jumping out at me...

    SO... what class have you taken for Humanities, and how was it?

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  3. by   shoegalRN
    I took Logic and Critical Thinking and loved it. You will really need Logic in nursing and it's helping me alot. Good luck!
  4. by   justme1972
    I would pull out the catalog and see which courses they consider to be Humanities, this varies by campus and course number matters.
  5. by   llg
    I think that if you go into the course with the attitude that it is just another requirement you have to fulfill, you will be unlikely to be happy with any of the possible courses. I recommend looking at it as an opportunity to explore any one of a number of areas that will help you grow as a person.

    I took a logic course as an elective as a freshman and I loved it. I also enjoyed an elective in which we explored the world's major religions. It helps to have an understanding of both topics in nursing. I also took 2 electives in literature -- one on a wide variety of novels and another on journalism. I suspect your school offers lots of choices and that if you go into it with a positive attitude, you'll benefit from almost any that you choose.
  6. by   iHeartNICU
    well, i was an education major before I switched over to nursing. One of my classes was something about early childhood literature and it transferred as a humanities elective.
  7. by   Valdes
    yeah, there are ALOT of classes to choose from... That's why I asked what people have taken... I was looking at World Religion, but the times it is offered conflicts with my work schedule... and unfortunately, THAT schedule is not flexible.

    I'm also slightly intrigued by "Fundamentals of Storytelling", but I also want something that will help me in my new chooses career... Basically reading a medical chart with dramatic effects is not something that helps move up the career ladder.

    I'm also waiting for a response from an enrollment counselor... I want to know why Spanish 201 is not considered a humanities credit when EVERY OTHER foreign language 201 course is...
  8. by   Jilaweez
    I took a Philosopy class..World Religions and I loved it. It was very interesting to learn about the religious backgrounds of different people. I also took non-western art..which was okay..basically looking at artworks from different cultures. I am taking a humanities survey class now and it is the first time I wish I could drop a class. The content is interesting but the teacher is very unorganized, we are all over the place. She assigns readings and forget her notes on them so we watch movies instead. (which wouldn't be bad...if they weren't 90min. long) We also have to write an 8-10 page term paper.....yuck.
  9. by   Batman24
    For one school I need a total of 6 Humanities credits. I believe they used my Communications/Speech class to cover for 3 of the credits. I was thinking of taking Spanish if I end up at this school, but need to check because as others have mentioned above the requirements vary according to the school. An Ethics class might be interesting.
  10. by   Jilaweez
    I think an anthropology class would be interesting too.
  11. by   donsterRN
    Our school has a Humanities elective requirement also, but there are lots of options. Any course in Art, Music, Speech, Language, etc is acceptable. This will be the time I take Spanish.
  12. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I took Spanish for mine. It was a nice break from all the Nursing and Science classes. I had four years in hs, so it was good. No papers to write. No group projects. Ahhhhhh . . . . .

    The only downside was that there were a bunch of 18 or 19 year olds on summer break who were just awful to be in class with. I had half of my nursing program under my belt already and was also taking Micro with nursing students, so let's just say I was experiencing some culture shock from the non-nursing world.
  13. by   WDWpixieRN
    I vote you review the course catalog, see what works with your schedule, and take something YOU will enjoy. There are enough "have to haves" while taking prereqs and in the nursing core and it will be some time before you will have the luxury of doing something for you.

    That's my anyway...
  14. by   GottaGetIn
    I'm taking medical spanish.