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How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring. -Sent from my iPhone... Read More

  1. by   queserasera
    Zoe, I think you told me before, but who'd you have for A&P @ AACC?
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    Quote from thelittledoe
    I took A&P I in a six week session with 4 hours of class 3 times a week. It was ROUGH. I was also working full time. I would say I studied for approximately half an hour each night after class (M, T, W) and then 3-4 hours Thursday, 3-4 hours Friday. Thursday and Friday was what I consider lazy studying (i.e. with the TV on, listening to music, taking frequent breaks, etc.) I would hardcore study for 1-2 hours on Saturday. For weeks that I had midterms and finals I would add an extra hour to each study time. So altogether on non-exam weeks about 8 hours a week. I ended up with an A in the course.

    This was my study plan that I copied from another post I wrote:
    1. Read the chapter BEFORE lecture. Highlight only one main point in each paragraph (otherwise I'd highlight the whole thing)
    2. Make an outline of headlines and definitions.
    3. Make flashcards with the definitions.
    4. Explain every concept to your family. This annoyed my family so much and most of the time they wouldn't listen but it helped to me vocalize and talk myself through it. If you can, do this with a study group instead!
    5. At the end of every test, note which types of questions and which topics your professor is most fond of.
    6. Study these topics like CRAZY for mids and finals.
    7. Good luck and have fun! I loved learning A&P!

    Good luck!
    Great tips!

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  3. by   umbdude
    I took A&P 1 over 5 weeks. I studied on average 1.5-2 hours a day outside of class and got an A.
  4. by   student4u2
    I think it all depends on what chapter you were studying, and or which test. Some times 2-4 hours and some times I put in 6 hours for tests. I pulled an A.
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    @Chelsea, I had a great instructor. She was awesome & her lecture style really helped me learn.
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    Quote from itsnowornever
    M-F 8-10 hours a day (the day of class I didn't study, just reviewed notes taken in class) and sat and Sunday 6-8 hours. I got a 97% same with patho 96%. Made nursing courses a breeze because I had a strong base. Same with BioChem and got a 95%.
    OMG that's SOOOOOO much studying makes me nervous
  7. by   i♥words
    I maybe studied 1 hour a day during the week. Maybe. On Saturday and Sunday I studied 5 to 6 hours each day. It was my "weekend class" because I worked on all of my other classes during the week and left A&P for the weekend.
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    Quote from MeekaNichole
    How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring.

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    I took Physiology last semester.

    Non Physio days about 5 hrs Physio days 2 hours.

    I got an A in that class.

    I will be taking Anatomy this spring though.
  9. by   B.Scott87
    When I took anatomy and physiology, I studied about three hours a day and received a 89% in the course.
  10. by   sunnysideusa
    A&P 1 was my first college course ever and I also had a 8 week English composition and a intro to psych online my first semester. I don't recall how many hours because it varied. On average 4 to 5 depending on the chapter. There were days I would stay up all night and go to class at 8am. It was all worth it. Dedicate yourself to your book and picture your goal. Definitely make a study group and use YouTube at your advantage whenever possible.
  11. by   sunnysideusa
    I made an A
  12. by   Saysfaa
    Anatomy and physiology were each four credit classes, rule of thumb would be 8 hours per week per class (since they were in 16 week semesters). I probably averaged around 16 hours a week and got a high A in each (104% or so and 98%/100% or so - the second was the way that class did the honors version).

    That was more than I needed to do for an A but my goal was to thoroughly master the material, not just get an A; I genuinely enjoyed the subject and followed a lot of rabbit trails which gave the unintentional benefit of learning how to find and understand serious research as well as additional background in the subject material; I didn't know much about Power Point or Publisher or formatting or proper citations so some of that time was spent on learning them while I did assignments involving them; I had the time; I did other things at the same time for some of those hours.

    An example of the last one: my job at the time involved a lot of walking and not much thinking so I taped lists of vocabulary words to the walls and used them like flash cards - chanted three or four words until I had them down, including spelling, then the next two or three then all five or eight. Another example is rewriting patterns of the vocabulary words while I watched tv or videos with my family in the evenings - I've always done something to keep my hands busy: I just rewrote charts instead of knitting for a while to get the benefit of muscle memory and the periodic return to actively thinking about some aspect of the material.
  13. by   RunnerRN2015
    Some days I didn't study at all. Other days I studied 2-3 hours. The few days before a test I studied off and on all day.

    My grades? For A&P 1: 97%, A&P 2: 101%, Micro: 97%, and Chemistry: 94%.