How long should prereqs take?

  1. I just met with an advisor at my school to find out what classes I should take next and I learned that it will take me 4-5 more semesters to finish my prereqs. Which would be 6 totals semesters. I'm in community college. Is is just me or does this feel way too long? How long did it take everyone else to complete prereqs?
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  3. by   ddockery85
    Hello. Not sure how your community college works but I assumed it would go by how many classes you're willing to take per semester and which classes you would be taking. There are some classes that you can't take first without taking something else. Good luck
  4. by   Quota
    Depends on what you need to take and if you need prerequisites for your prerequisites. I finished all of mine in less than a year doing online classes while working full time. I'm a second degree student who already had a biology degree, some of my prerequisites were already done and I only needed to take 5 classes.
  5. by   klp2006
    I did mine in an only 8-wk mini-semester as I only needed to do two. What pre-reqs are required?
  6. by   Christian96
    i attended community college and my adviser said that same thing! that is way too long. Look up what school you want to attend, and look at their pre reqs. Only take those classes.

    My adviser wanted me to take so many classes, but they weren't even needed for the nursing program.
  7. by   Wiggly Litchi
    It depends on a few factors -
    • Are you a new high school grad? Some colleges require that you take academic success seminar
    • Are you going for associates or BSN? Switching to BSN gave me an extra 12 classes to clear for prerequisites, otherwise I would have been done in 2 semesters
    • Do your prerequisites have prerequisites? I was fortunate that I tested high enough on the compass that I was able to bypass a lot of those pre-prerequisite courses, but some of the higher math classes require college algebra, and maybe other support classes to go along with it

    6 semesters, if you're going for a bachelor's degree, isn't really terrible. Instead of taking me 2 semesters to finish mine, took me 5. I'll be transferring to my 4yr institute this May @_@ /nerves
  8. by   kaydxag
    I'm not a high school grad, I'm about to complete my first semester, where I only took 3 classes - instead of four, so I know that pushed me back a lil bit. I am not going to switch to a BSN program, its cheaper for me to just get my ASN and then do an RN to BSN program, and I thought it would be shorter too, but now I'm not so sure. The only prereqs that have prereqs are the bio courses. Bio 189 to 223 to 224 and 251.
  9. by   kaydxag
    Only two prereqs?! My god I have
    Eng 101, Com 101, Psy 101, Soc 101, Hist 101 and 102, Math 120, Bio 189, Bio 223, Bio 224, Bio 251. And this is only a community college
  10. by   kaydxag
    Very true, the fact that the Bio prereqs have prereqs sets me back. I just feel like it will take me a bit too long, and 12 prereqs for a community college is a lot.
  11. by   Wannabenurseneko
    I am in the same boat as you , I have a lot of pre- requisites to take as well . I'm going to take my English placement test soon and if I get a high score I might be saved from having a huge list of classes (I'm also going for ADN/ASN ), if not I plan on taking two to three courses every semester until I'm done . I'm in it for the long hall hopefully it doesn't take too long, Science is my favorite subject so I can't wait to take those classes .
  12. by   kaydxag
    Likewise, I'm so excited to finally be taking bio in the summer semester. Good luck!
  13. by   monkeyshines
    I have a prior bachelors, so I had a handful of credits transfer over already. So I have to take 7 classes before I can enroll in the nursing program, 3 sciences and 4 softer classes. Just gotta remember that you're getting an actual degree, an associates, as well as a nursing degree, so there are a lot of requirements for that. Are you working as well? I work and take two classes a semester. Load yourself up as much as you can handle and book through those classes! They won't last forever, and you'll be in nursing school before you know it.
  14. by   caliotter3
    Some students take only one class at a time (nursing prerequisites), in order to insure A grades and competitiveness. As long as one has the patience, money to hang around, and they don't let their prerequisite courses expire, that can really drag out the process. It depends on the individual as to how much they can handle each term successfully. It also has a lot to do with whether or not the required courses can be obtained each term. Many schools are so crowded that it is impossible to finish at a good rate of speed, no matter how academically adept the student.