How long is your commute??

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    hello everyone,

    just curious at how long is everyones commute to school. i got accepted into an rn program (finally) but the commute is pretty far. can everyone share how long their commutes are? thanks!!!
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  3. by   DesertRain
    Mine is only 20 minutes-with traffic. I am spoiled I guess but we might be moving farther away which may take up to 45 minutes.
  4. by   MB37
    30 min, and normally I'm going the opposite direction of rush hour traffic
  5. by   arciedee
    I'm about 45-50 minutes away from school, though luckily we're starting clinicals and I was placed in a hospital only 10 minutes from my home! I don't really mind the commute to school (other than the miles on my car). It's a nice time to relax, listen to the radio, etc.
  6. by   medhead
    20-30 minutes... depending on traffic
  7. by   JoJo_Ga_Girl
    Haven't started school yet but will be heading into my BSN program in Fall 2007. My commute will be long...I am looking at 60 miles from home in the same direction as Atlanta rush hour traffic. In the morning I can leave early (5am) and it will take about an hour, hour and a half. The drive home...well let's just say if I have to leave anytime around 4 or 5, I am looking at 2 hours or more. Not looking forward to it but it is worth it in my opinion. Luckily I have a very supportive husband and two great kids (8 and 5)who know that they wont get to see mommy for a couple of years.
    I see the whole thing as a nice little vacation from home...after 8 years as a stay at home mom And hey, I dont have to clean the house for 2 whole years. How great is that?
  8. by   blueyesue
    10 minutes.
  9. by   BeccaznRN
    My commute was an hour, usually only 45-50 minutes for clinical sites. I never really had much of an issue with traffic, but it still sucked. I used to make up note cards and study on my way to school....made me feel like I was using this time a little better!
  10. by   WDWpixieRN
    Now, StlRn2b, I KNOW you weren't DRIVING while using those notecards, were you?!?! I hope you're not doing that in CA traffic these days!!

    Seriously though, my commute's about 20 minutes...but I give myself 30 minutes to get from my driveway to the classroom....I am very fortunate and feel for those who have to commute...I did that to my downtown job for 6 years and don't miss it!! We have a number of students who commute from well over a hour away however!!
    Good luck!!
  11. by   violingirl
    45 min to an hour. Plus parking time depending on the time of day. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes to find a parking spot. =S
  12. by   catzy5
    Quote from Ibelis27

    Hello everyone,

    Just curious at how long is everyones commute to school. I got accepted into an RN program (finally) but the commute is pretty far. Can everyone share how long their commutes are? Thanks!!!

    mine is about 20minutes now, but when I start practicals it will be much further sometimes 60/70miles depending on what hospital we go to.
  13. by   MB37
    One recommendation unless you have to be home at certain times: go early/stay late and log a few hours in the library to avoid traffic. I get out of class at 4:45p, and if I leave then it takes me almost an hour to get home. I spend that hour in the library, and if I leave closer to six it's 25-30 min. I get extremely irritated sitting in traffic, so it's good for both my blood pressure and my grades.
  14. by   FutureLatinaRN
    Thanks for the recommendation. I was and still am a little nervous about the commute. Especially around the winter months. But everyone's advice has really encouraged me. I just have to set myself up with a schedule and leaving early and staying late will definately force me to stay and study, rather than sitting in my car. I too hate traffic!! Thanks again!!