How did you react to your acceptance/denial letter?

  1. I was talking to a friend about my letter coming first week of June in the mail. I told her I told my parents that they cant go near the mailbox until I get my letter in case it comes early.

    She thought I was overreacting but to me that is a BIG deal. How did you all handle that situation?
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  3. by   lunden
    yea it is a big deal!!! but i guess i wouldn't care who read i would be a nervous wreck anyway it goes. i received my acceptance about 3 weeks and i actually was not excited at first because i thought it was a denial letter becuz it was in a thin envelope, that is until i picked the letter up and felt how thick it was and got excited as hell!!! hope yours come quick
  4. by   lunden
    oops meant 2 say i received my letter 3 weeks ago
  5. by   Amanda1985
    Well my school said they would be sending letters via mail, but one day I was checking my email and I got an email from the school saying I was accepted. It was a big deal and I called my mom,dad, grandparents to let them know. I was so excited, I couldn't really believe it! Before that I was checking the mail like every day though!
    Then I went to Vegas and celebrated lol...actually the Vegas trip was pre-planned, but just another reason to celebrate!
  6. by   ssullyorthoRN
    I don't think you are over reacting at all!! We were supposed to get ours the 3rd week of April, then our nursing division chairwoman resigned. So it wasn't until the 2 week of May that it came! But everyday I would wait and wait for the mail to get there just in case. Then I ripped it open and Congrats!! I called/texted everyone I knew, then went out for a girls night out!!! I figure that I need a few good nights to celebrate because once I start in Aug, I am going to breathe, sleep and eat nursing school!!!
    It is a big deal!!! To some this is the determining factor on how the next few years of their lives go!!
  7. by   Cilantrophobe
    Quote from FutureRN2008
    I was talking to a friend about my letter coming first week of June in the mail. I told her I told my parents that they cant go near the mailbox until I get my letter in case it comes early.

    She thought I was overreacting but to me that is a BIG deal. How did you all handle that situation?
    I don't think it is overreacting at all but wouldn't you want your parents to check the mail and be able to call you if you weren't home when the letter came? I mean you have no idea when it might arrive...what if you were at the store or something? I would want anybody to open it and notify me immediately, especially if I was not home, even the mailman!

    I live in a condo and the mailboxes are on the other side of my living room wall so I will certainly hear him when he brings the mail and believe that I will check the mail immediately after he is gone. I'll probably stand there and wait for him or just straight up ask him to hand me my mail!. My mom was a letter carrier for 13 years and I know that he will not care. I'll probably hug him. HAHA
  8. by   Nightingale11
    No I dont want them telling me. I want to find out for myself. If I'm not at home the only place Im at is school.
  9. by   Sarah Hay
    Acceptance letter for ADN (RN) program:
    "Hmm... what is this?"
    ... a couple of seconds go by ...
    "Oh yeah, that nursing thing I applied for."
  10. by   Cathylady
    I love this thread!
  11. by   MotivatedOne
    I received a denial letter from a school in which I applied to their ABSN program. At first I considered it a blessing in disguise but after thinking about it, I was a bit upset considering I was anxious to get in then get out (graduate) So after applying to a few CC's in my area I received a large envelope from one school. Figured it was good news...I mean why would they send a denial letter in a large envelope? So I opened it and read that I was put on the alternate list. It gave me some hope but not much. The other school I applied to sent my denial letter in a small envelope. Thats when i was really feeling a bit down and thought I'd have to start all over again. Then one day I listened to a voice mail message on my cell phone from an admissions advisor from the school I was wait listed. Called her back and she would not answer the phone or return my phone call. I almost felt like I was stalking her. Finally I called early one morning and she answered. I told her who I was and that's when she told me that my alternate number had come and asked if I wanted to accept a seat...I was estatic. I happily told her yes. Text messaged everyone contact in my phone, called my family members and told them...Now, would you believe that it was my friends who were more happy for me than my own family. They acted as if it was no big deal!

    But to answer the question of the tread... I ran around my apartment giving thanks to God!
  12. by   dcRn2b
    Well I just received my letter in the mail today!! It came in the mail a week earlier than expected!! Which made a great memorial weekend. My friend called me this morning letting me know she received her letter. I was so excited I ran out of the house and nothing the mailbox was empty. So I sat in the living room with our blinds open stalking the mailman, praying he would get here faster! So after a 2hr wait I got my acceptance letter. It was the best feeling ever after all the pre nursing getting this letter is a BIG deal. I would not want anybody going near my mailbox lol....So congrats to all of you how made it in and for those of you who didn't please don't give up keep trying Spring of '10 will be here before you know it!!!
    I am going to relax and enjoy the summer. Because after this summer I will be eating breathing sleeping nursing school!:tbsk:
  13. by   bluechick112
    I definitely don't think you're over-reacting. I was literally checking my mail box every day to hear if I got accepted to a private school I applied to (I only applied to one school as sort of a long-shot because it was the only school I had all the prerequisites done for by that time). I was doubtful to say the least (I had a low GPA in their prerequisites), and when the letter came in the mail I was even more doubtful when I felt how thin it was. It wasn't an acceptance letter, but it wasn't a rejection either! I got waitlisted into a school that's EXTREMELY hard to get in to and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to even be waitlisted!
  14. by   dcRn2b
    Congrats on being wait listed that is a huge achievement!!! How many are in front of you and when do they let yall know if you got in? Good Luck!!!!