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  1. by   Ready2BRN
    Quote from MMW37
    Is it Dr. Kumar? She told us that this is her last semester teaching it, so you'll probably have someone new. I think why it was recommended to take Dr. Kumar in person is that she puts minor random facts from lecture on the exam. The powerpoints may somehow allude to things she tests you on, but she elaborates on them in class. I actually like the class a lot, and I'm getting an A, but I did decide to take it in person. Your experience will probably be completely different though!
    For the summer semester, its only offered online, so I really don't have a choice. I would take it on campus, if I had a choice between the two. The instructor is listed as Kumar, so maybe summer is her last semester? On the fall schedule, the instructor is listed as "staff"...... So we'll see. Hopefully, it won't be too bad. Taking 3 tests and not having anything else to boost your grade is pretty intense. Wish me luck
  2. by   MB37
    Good luck! The first test was really easy - I made 100, and the class avg. was an A. It was all book material, and the exams are open book (you take them online, timed, and you have an hour). The second exam the class averaged a C, but now she is offering a retake that we can use in place of any of our other exam scores. I think she's done that in other semesters too. The final is supposed to be all application questions, so I'm guessing it'll be harder that the second. She told us to focus more on the powerpoints and less on the textbook as the class moves forward. Hope that helps!
  3. by   Ready2BRN
    Wow, thanks for all the great info!
  4. by   novak87
    I'm taking Fundamentals of Nurtrition online this spring. My book came with a cd to log and monitor your own diet. Uh oh, I may actually have to acknowledge how bad I eat!!! Good Luck to you!
  5. by   Cinqly
    I turn in my final Dietary Analysis Project tomorrow! Woohoo!! Done!!!

  6. by   natrgrrl
    Hi everyone-

    I have to write a nutrition care plan for a patient with Crohn's Disease. What do I need to include? No other information is given about the patient.
  7. by   SFDRN
    Anyone interested in selling their nutrition book? My online summer class is using Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies, 10th Edition, by Frances Sizer.

    PM me if you're interested in selling. Thanks!
  8. by   qaqueen
    I need opinions! Take Food and Nutrition online or not.

  9. by   Cinqly
    Quote from qaqueen
    I need opinions! Take Food and Nutrition online or not.


    I took it online and I think it is a really great class for online. We had to read each chapter, take a quiz on it (untimed and open book), do 4 small discussion sets, and a final dietary analysis project. You can go at your own pace, as long as it all gets done by the last day of class! Plus, you can work whenever you have time, morning or night!
  10. by   qaqueen
    Thank you, cinqly! I really prefer on-line classes.
  11. by   blue_yuina
    the your enjoyment on the subject depends on your professor... I'm so excited at it first but eventually I got frustrated... does anyone here know how to make a meal plan? tnx guys!