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Hey everyone, First exams for A&P should be rolling around for everyone pretty soon (I have my lab practical on Monday and my lecture exam on Wednesday). Now, I thought it would be kinda cool if... Read More

  1. by   zeno33
    44/45 on the first lecture

    I will have my second exam this Wednesday and first lab exam on next Thursday.

    I am only taking Anatomy though
  2. by   HammockBound
    I got a 94 on my first exam in class. 100% on all 5 quiz in chemistry But starting bones and studying like crazy! ahh.
  3. by   Teeanne
    The first exam - on the cell biology, anatomical terms, and chemistry - was a timed online test because it wasn't covered at all in lecture. I got a 96% on that. Last week we had our first in-class exams, I got a 96% on the practical and a 90% on the lecture. I'm not thrilled with the 90%, but at the same time I am grateful. I spent a lot of energy on the practical, that I felt like I didn't spend nearly enough time or energy on the lecture material.

    Next time I want to make sure I spend more time reviewing the lecture material. I think now that I'm not so nervous about what to expect in practical it will be a little easier to balance. Of course we're learning all the skeleton stuff now and ouch, that seems like a lot to remember!

    Oh! I also want to take advantage of the open lab time this time around.
  4. by   missmollie
    With A&P, study everyday. Any anatomy you have to learn (always my downfall) study everyday and attend open labs. I make question sheets based on lecture notes and lecture recordings. It's been my understanding thus far that if you understand the basics of a key point, you can pretty much figure out the rest if asked in a question.

    That being said, I did study roughly 15 hours a week for A&P. It's a lot of time and prep, but don't be down! I knew so much by the time I was finished, it was definitely worth it.
  5. by   stellakc
    Just got quiz 2 grades back, 94%! My lowest (so far) is an 85 and the lowest quiz grade is dropped so hopefully I won't have anything lower than that for the rest of the semester.
  6. by   smtha620
    Made a 100 on my first practical... am a happy camper
  7. by   jesslynn_85
    I got an 88 on both my lecture and lab test. I record the lectures and study everyday. I also go to school an hour before class and go to the open lab to look at lab stuff as well as study lecture stuff. This lab practical will be harder because it's on the all of the skeleton(minus the skull) and blood. 2nd lecture and lab tests are next week. We have quizzes everyday so that motivates me to study because the average of our quiz grade goes in as a lab practical grade at the end!! I have an A in the class right now so I'm very happy but will study harder and more for the next set of tests.
  8. by   Zenreality
    Maintaining an 87 after the first exam and lab practical. Next exam covers cells/tissues.
  9. by   Rosshole
    88% combined first lecture/lab exam in Advanced AP. Class average was 60%...
  10. by   Kendel.G
    My prof is giving us our grades on Monday (I don't know why its taken him 2 weeks to get us our grades for a scantron!) so READY to know how I did! The more time that goes by the less confidant I feel :-(
  11. by   itsdoc2u
    So far I'm in a nose dive and can't seem to be able to pull up. Can't afford to crash and burn... Bleh!!!
  12. by   meeep
    What are you having trouble with?
  13. by   meeep
    Just got my second lecture exam back. The test was pretty hard and I thought I maybe got a low A or high B, but I got 106!!! (My prof always gives us an extra essay question for a few points extra credit) I am so happy! Class average was in the 70s. As of now, I have a 108 average so I feel pretty good about going in to the next exam.

    For me, lab is a separate class (same teacher though), we had our first practical on cells, tissues, and all the bones & markings last week. It was 52 questions (2 bonus), and I got a 104. Super excited considering I was so freaked out I was nauseous! Totally thought I had gotten a bunch wrong! Whew!
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