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Kendel.G has 1 years experience.

Check out my blog that chronicles my journey through nursing school!!!

Kendel.G's Latest Activity

  1. First application submitted!!!

    I'm applying to SFSU, CSULB, CSUCI, CSUS, U of Hawaii, CSUSM, & CSUF for nursing. Good luck everyone!!
  2. First application submitted!!!

    So I dropped off my first nursing school app at the mail box today (SFSU)!!! 1 in 10 chance of getting in!!! So crazy!!! Now for the waiting game!! Anyone else submitting apps?
  3. A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    ECG=EKG (just a variance in name) feel free to steal it!!!! I love it!!!
  4. A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

  5. A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

  6. How do you stay motivated..??

    I have to find a balance between learning and psyching myself up for the medical field (I do lots of research on nursing and healthcare and work at a peds cardio clinic) and taking a complete break from all things pertaining to he human body and help...
  7. What has been your favorite prerequisite?

    Micro! All of my A&P profs suck(ed), I think I really would have enjoyed that class if I'd had a good professor
  8. A&P II with Micro...has anyone done it??

    I'm doing it (with math and sociology, 17 units total)! Its difficult, and you'll have no social life, but its totally doable. You just have to study your butt off and use your time very wisely! I have a high B in micro and an A in A&P2, so its p...
  9. I started my pre-reqs at 16 and I'll be in a clinical program at 18
  10. A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    Aww thank you!
  11. A Day in the Life: Measuring Magic

    I am an intern at a pediatric cardiologist's office. On clinical days I get to run ECGs (electrocardiogram) on tiny patients. Running ECGs is relatively simple. I stick eight electrodes onto little bodies and hook them up to a machine. I type in...
  12. What type of nursing do you want to specialize in?

    I'm thinking Peds Trauma
  13. What keeps you focused to study?

    I try to study at a library or coffee shop (Starbucks has 50 cent refills, just saying haha), I get too distracted at home. I also study with friends ("Oh, you have a break at the same time I do? Sweet! Let's hit the library together!") that way I fe...
  14. Volunteering/Internship

    I'm finally in my last major semester of pre-reqs (In the spring all I have is stats and developmental psych and I'll have already turned in my applications, so I consider this Fall my last semester)!!! Anyways, realizing that some of my nursing scho...
  15. 4.0 Challenge!

    A&P2 Micro Algebra Intro to sociology 17 units Going for a 4.0 this semester

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