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  1. NLN Pre-RN/PAX Tips and Strategies

    Yeah... this is an odd test. I really didn't see any practical way to study for it so i just went in and took it without any time spent studying. I got a 148 composite with 87% reading, 98% math and 99% science. people need not worry too much ab...
  2. Aesthetic Registered Nurse Salary

    Have you completed Nurse Anesthetist training?
  3. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    I find all the differences between different schools and their grading/curriculum for the same topics very interesting. Some of these reasons must be why our school has such a good reputation then...
  4. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    Let me get this straight... BSN dergee seeking students at 4 year colleges set up their grading so that 100-90% is an A, 80-89% is a B, and so on? WOW.... makes it more difficulte to get A's at my school when an a is 94% and up. 93% is an A-. Wh...
  5. Listening to lectures during sleep

    I don't know if it is posted anywhere on this site, but Cizadlos podcast lectures are fantastic.
  6. Community College

    and remember, the material is the same no matter where you take it. If for some reason it is "easier" or "dumbed down" go to a different CC because it will just hurt you in the long run.
  7. Community College

    Just make sure that you know ahead of time what school that you would like to transfer to to make sure that they will accept the credits from your specific CC
  8. A&P I Spring 2013

    A & P podcasts and lots of time aswering review questions has been working well for me.
  9. Almost entire class failed Anatomy test!

    Lmao, that's pretty damn funny (and true) I am having a much more difficult time getting to the gym between a newborn at home and studying (and work)
  10. Almost entire class failed Anatomy test!

    I hope that you mean 50/70 pts... and not 50%. How could 50% be a pass? I am at a Tech College and in order for our credits to transfer, we need an 80%. On our first lecture exam, the class average was 60%, and only 5 of us got above an 80%.
  11. A&P 2 Spring 2013

    What was everyones first unit in APII? I am curious because I am noticinge that our course layout over API and APII seems to be different than other schools... We started what our school calls ADV A & P this semester with Neural tissue physiology...
  12. First A&P Exams...Let's hear it!

    88% combined first lecture/lab exam in Advanced AP. Class average was 60%...
  13. A&P I Spring 2013

    Meeep... Our instructor did some explaining about the pace of the class and said that our General A & P is taught at a high school level, and the Advanced is taught at a Bachelor's level or higher. Esentially, we do 25%-30% of the work in Genera...
  14. A&P I Spring 2013

    Its not the material that is different, but what is covered vs Gen to Advanced... and the credits are only transferable if both are taken at the school. Other two year programs in the area do not have the same agreements with the BSN programs. So ...
  15. A&P I Spring 2013

    It seems as though i didn't make my point very clear. At our school, the professors flat out told us that this class was going to be much more difficult than general A & P. That is why I said that the organization of the curriculum between our ...