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This semester is finally over and everyone, I hope, has worked very hard!! ;):balloons: Post your accomplishments this semester, let everyone see your hard work!!! Keep up the good work everyone!! ... Read More

  1. by   AtomicWoman
    Fundamentals of Chemistry - A
    A&P I - A

    My Chem teacher said she wished she could give me an A+. :spin: (My school has A and A-, but no A+ grade.)

    I hadn't sat in a classroom of any kind since grad school in 1992. And I hadn't had any science courses since the 1970s! So take heart, all of you who are worried that you've been out of school a long time. You can do it!!
  2. by   worf
    Congrats to everyone!!

    Micro Lab-A
    Chem lab-A
    Phil (writing & ethics)-A

    I worked so hard and I hated my phil class...

    Keep up the good work everyone! and Merry Christmas!!!!!!
  3. by   Knorremeisje
    Don't give excuses everyone just because you've gotten a B or a C! There's nothing wrong with a B or even a C! And it looks like everyone did an awesome job!
    I take my classes online so my "semester" isn't over yet. However here are those I have finished this Fall semester.

    College Math - A
    English - A

    Halfway through these:
    A&PI - B
    Chem - A
    Chem Lab - A
  4. by   Dottie78
    Congrats to all who completed this semester! Now, let's relax and enjoy the holidays.

    I just completed my last pre-requisite class before I enter the nursing program: General Chemistry - A (Woohoo!!!)

    Good luck to all next semester and to those who are entering nursing school!!!
  5. by   KulmanMJ
    Finally finished! What a relief!

    PSY220: A
    Nutrition & Diet Therapy: A
    Critical Thinking in Health Care Professions: A
    Medical Terminology: A

    Taking the HESI assessment tomorrow morning; then I can breath!
  6. by   Sammygrll
    Ok so I didn't get a 4.0 this semester...nor have I ever! But..I am DARN proud of what I did this semester....my first semester at college and since 7ys ago, which was HS...I NEVER thought I would ever be here!

    Humanities (Comparative World Cultures)-A
    Speech (Int Personal Comm)-A
    Socio..I think B
  7. by   FutureRN19
    Heyy everyone,
    just got my grades!! Woohooo!!

    APII= A
    MicroBiology= B
    Speech= A-
    Dev Psy= A

    Im sooo happy and excited to finally get my grades! was a little scared about Micro(thought I was gonna get a B-, but prob did good on the final). Good luck to everyone as well! I am proud of my grades so should everyone else be!!
    -Goood Luck everyne!
  8. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    Ok my grades were FINALLY posted.

    Student Success: A (a required class here..it's a half term class)
    Sociology A
    Lifespan A
    Prob solving Math: A
    Chemistry A
    Eng Comp II A

    I can not believe that after being out of school for 20 years I did that well...woooooohooooo!

  9. by   kristi1111
    Well, got an A in my Ethics class. :hatparty: Only taking one class at a time because I am working 40+ hours a week currently. Hopefully next class next semester will be the same (Basic Chemistry.) Have all science prerequisites left so these are the most important grades....
  10. by   itsa307
    my teacher final got back to me! i got a b on the final so i kept my a in psy101! i am soooo happy! merry christmas to me! now hopefully i'll be able to keep up my streak!
  11. by   chnc1024
    My final GPA for my first term is 3.85.

    College Prep Algebra A (98)
    Intermediate Algebra A (96)
    Anatomy and Physiology I A (95)
    Anatomy and Physiology I Lab A (93)
    English Comp B+ (89)

    I had to take the "prep" class because I had forgoten much of what I learned in HS, and unfortunatly the 'A' I recieved wasn't used to calculate my GPA, or my overall would have been much better.

    I've been a stay at home mom for 3 years, and it's been hard not being with my kids all the time (I have a 3 and 1yr old) so I'm glad that we are on a break until January. But on the other hand I'm really looking forward to my Spring classes.

    Anatomy and Physiology II
    Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
    Elements of Nutrition
    Human Growth and Development
    College Algebra

    Have a Great Day, and Good Luck for Next Term!!!
  12. by   JakeyWakey
    Dang! Nice job everyone!!! We've got some brilliant people on here!

    I'm still waiting on my grades!! I check my school website like every hour! HAHAHA
  13. by   cobee
    I've gotten 3 of 5 grades! I got A's in Nutrition, Psychology, and Cultural Anthropology, all of which are pre/co-requisites. Its so annoying because my Algebra 2 and Spanish teachers haven't posted grades yet. They're not pre-reqs, but it would be nice to keep a 4.0. It's sad that if you get one B, you'll never have a 4.0 again =(