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This semester is finally over and everyone, I hope, has worked very hard!! ;):balloons: Post your accomplishments this semester, let everyone see your hard work!!! Keep up the good work everyone!! ... Read More

  1. by   chuckz
    1st post here.

    Stats and Prop - A
    Communication and Culture for Nursing - A
    Therapeutic Nutrition - A-
    Pathophysiology - A

    I am really mad about the nutrition. My teacher was horrible and I am going to the Dean about it. I have never had a class so terrible. I could teach nutrition and would have done a better job.

    As for Patho, that was the hardest class I have ever had. It was taught by a Doctor in Pathology. We had 4 tests and a final. Each test I probably studied 40 hours for. I am really proud of myself for that. This class made me a better student.

    Congrats to all that made it through another semester.
  2. by   MrsBradyMom
    Final Grades just posted. This semester was so tough....physically. I had a hysterectomy August 9th and classes started August 20th. My wheely backpack was a godsend The tiredness I felt from major surgery set me back the first few weeks of class, but I managed to pull it out.

    I ended up with:

    A&P I - A
    Algebra - A

    I have maintained my 4.0

    I start clinicals January 2nd!!!!!!
  3. by   hopefornursing
    Microbiology A
    A and P 2 A
    Thanks goodness that is over, now I just need to wait an acceptance letter and start Christmans shopping!!!!!
    Congrats everyone!!!
  4. by   Greeneyes13
    Worst semester thus far,
    A&PII A+
    Research & Report writing A+
    Psy B+
    But soooo glad it is finally over.

  5. by   buckeye rosie
    Okay so here they are:

    A&P II-A

    Ick, about the chemistry! My instructor was so horrible! I basically taught myself!
  6. by   rnmomtobe2010
    First semester back in 8 yrs. 2 kids and hubby is on the road alot....but, here goes

    Psychology C+
    Sociology C
    Nutrition B
    English Comp 1 B
    Reading and Study Skills B
  7. by   will18
    My first semester as a pre-nursing student went great
    Freshman orientation- A
    English Comp 1- B
    Math- A
  8. by   Pneumothorax
    im so glad this semster is over!
    my grades so far of my 6 classes i took (yes 6)

    adolescence & delinquency- A
    environmental sociology- B
    Survey of Methods - B

    im still waiting for my grades in
    *Poverty & society
    A&p II
    A&P II Lab


    congrats everyone!
  9. by   bunkindoodle
    Last semester at community college:

    College Algebra--Probably a "B"
    Abnormal Psychology--Definitely an "A"

    Congrats to all of you and Good Luck to all my fellow January 2008 starters!!!!

  10. by   mustangmona
    I applied at Brookhaven for Spring 08. I unfortunately did not get in because I did not have enough points. The points where between 36 - 30 from my understanding and I only had 20 points.
  11. by   onlyfaith
    A&P II: A
    Microbiology: A
    Intro to Nursing: A

    Congrats to everyone finishing the semester! Grades are looking good!
  12. by   lifesacomedy
    Not quite what I was hoping for, but it was also a very busy semester for me. We had to travel a lot (weddings, funerals, family visits). This next semester should be more calm and predictable.

    Intro to Psych B
    Dev. Psych B
    A&P I B
    MAT142 B

    If I improve on these grades next semester, do you all think I'll be able to get into Nursing School (next semester, I'm taking CNA, Chem, Micro, Nutrition)

  13. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    A&P 1-A

    Intro to Psych-A

    Eng Comp-A

    Inter. Alg-c

    I was really disappointed with the c in Algebra. It was the first time I got something other than an A in college. I know I could have done a lot better but I got overwhelmed and just gave up. I went from an A to a B then fianlly ended up with the C. I needed an 86 on my final to get back up to a B. I got an 80. Oh well...I'm glad it's over now.
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